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  1. the newly released 2013 Hot Wheels International F CASE unboxing video here. take a look at some new cars coming your way
  2. How many cars to be produce for the set I BELIEVE it will only 10 zamacs from walmart.
  3. This is another collector from USA yup! lol sorry for the confusion
  4. Thanks for the video, welcome. thank you! hope you liked my vid
  5. Walmart exclusive zamac cars have hit the shelves... here are the first 3 releases... ZAMAC 001 - '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator ZAMAC 002 - CLASSIC nomad ZAMAC 003 - '71 Hemi Cuda WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE? let me know. i personally LOVE THE '71 HEMI CUDA!!! thanks for watching
  6. so normally i don't like "fantasy" type cars... this one is a fantasy version of one of my favorite cars the chevelle. i ended up buying it and realized it's GLOW IN THE DARK!!! CHECK OUT my "Quickie Car Review" video and see... do you have any GLOW IN THE DARK hot wheels? let me know.
  7. i got this amazing RAOK package from my friend Mark (youtube username: spankymark72) from england... wow wow wow many thanks to mark and his son ethan for this amazing package. please check out my video to see the amazing things i got.
  8. i got 30 lbs. of vintage cars for only $20 US!!! here's a video of only a few that i picked out of the huge box of cars... let me know if you know what some of the cars are... thanks for watching!!!
  9. SOOOOO i love love love the pontiac bonneville... but I HATE HATE HATE what they did with 2013's release... green wheels? green tinted windows? ugh check out my quickie car review of this awesome casting... what does everyone else think?
  10. i was at target here in los angeles california last week and found the new 2013 ferrari 5 pack.. the FERRARI FXX in blue is amazing!!! which ferrari do you like? let me know
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