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'07 Chevy Tahoe

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Released first as a 5-pack car in 2007 and only later in 2009 as a mainline car. In 2009, it is as a fire department rescue car while in 2013 as a rescue car again but without mentioning for which department. Not sure it is a 4-wheel-drive. Quite a nice looking car and I have collected both the 2009 and this year cars. There are two versions, pearl white and red in 2009, and white and yellow in 2013. I only collected the red one for 2009 and yellow one in 2013. I do not like the red windows in the white version for both years.

The casting line cutting across near one end of the head lamps is quite obvious in most of the 2013 cars I saw. This can be covered up if the head lamps were painted like in 2009.


Is there a glass partition in between the front and back seats? I cannot see properly bec. the windows are so dark. Hope to see a clear window version in future.

Appreciate someone to post photos of the 2013 cars.

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