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DC made it to the Forbes List of American Idol Top Earners Last Year

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1. Carrie Underwood - 14 million
- The Muskogee, Okla.-born country girl used Idol to launch a massively successful recording career. A three-time Grammy country vocal winner, Underwood has sold 9.6 million albums.

2. Jennifer Hudson - 5.0 million
- The multi-talented singer-actress won an Oscar in 2006 for her role in Dreamgirls. Her 2008 self-titled album has sold over 750,000 copies. Hudson was chosen to sing the national anthem at the 2009 Super Bowl.

3. Kelly Clarkson - 4.2 million
- Idol’s original queen has sold over 10 million albums. Her latest release, “All I Ever Wanted,” hit No. 1 on Billboard charts.

4. Jordin Sparks - 3.1 million
- The season six winner broke out with “No Air,” a duet with R&B crooner Chris Brown. She has toured with Alicia Keyes and is now on the road with tween sensations the Jonas Brothers

5. Kellie Pickler - 2.3 million
- Like fellow Idol alum Underwood, Pickler is more cowgirl than diva. She has sold 1 million records since the show. She is paid to endorse Sexy Hair products.

6. Clay Aiken - 2.2 million
- The Raleigh, N.C., native maintains loyal following six years after finishing second on Idol. He has sold 4 million albums and penned a New York Times best-selling memoir. Aiken recently finished a run in Broadway’s “Spamalot.

7. Chris Daughtry - 2.0 million
- One of the first Idol rockers to reach the final four, Daughtry’s debut album sold over 4 million copies. His follow-up is slated to hit stores this July.

8. David Cook - 2.0 million
- Once a small-town songwriter, Cook has a top-selling album and a lucrative endorsement deal with Skechers.

9. David Archuleta - 1.3 million
- Edged out in the seventh season by Cook, baby-faced Archuleta has gone on to release a successful album of soulful pop. The self-titled debut record has sold 700,000 copies. The 18 year-old has played more than 100 live shows since Idol.

10. Taylor Hicks - $300,000
- Prematurely gray-haired soul master Hicks charmed Idol audiences and won the fifth season. He’s now playing Teen Angel in a national tour of Grease.

I'm Not Worthy! yey david!!!

david siggy
david_nerd keeper of david's versatility in music
You Rock!DC Cheerleader

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Wait, isn't that what they said last year? 2 mil and sketchers deal? If this is true for 2010 then way to go David, considering he didn't have any new music or tour last year? Maybe the Sketcher's deal was for 2 years?

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This is, in fact, old.
Look at Daughtry, it says his second album is "slated to hit stores this July"... his 2nd album came out 2 years ago.

So yes, this is very old. lol

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Thanks for confirming that. It sounded exactly like last years report, but I wasn't sure.

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