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Rules - "All Themes" Forum

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Users have all the same rights in the forum, whether they are employees or mere members.
1- Users should respect each other;
2- Users should not flood;
3- No member is allowed to post defamatory, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, sexual, pedophile or illegal content content and even harmful to the honor and reputation of others;
4- No user can advertise via MP, in bad sector topics or avatars;
5. Avatars of defamatory, racist, xenophobic, pornographic, sexual, pedophile or illegal practices and even damaging to the honor and reputation of others are not allowed;
6- Users should respect the English language and grammar, since this is the language present in the forum;
7- Topics that do not have correct titles will be dropped, as well as topics without link, or with incorrect language and grammar.


1- Being the HTML allowed in the forum, the members have the right to use it, but following the rules of the forum;
2- The users have the right to give a "UP" in more than twenty-four hours, in the support sector;
3- Members have the right to open topics in various areas;
4- Users can and should complain about something they did not like, via MP to an administrator or by topic, but of course, respecting everything and everyone.

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