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So what's your favorite current gen console?

What's your favorite current gen console?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. What current gen console do you like the most?

    • Nintendo Switch
    • Playstation 4
    • Xbox One

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I'm curious to see what everyone's favorite current console is. Please don't start a console war here, thanks! Anyways I personally like the Xbox One the most, because it's backwards compatible and game pass allowed me to try new games that I never thought I would enjoy. Also Microsoft gives out rewards to players who meet certain goals, which is pretty awesome if I say so myself! Next I like the Switch because it's a hybrid tablet/console that you can take wherever! The Joy cons are pretty cool too. The PS4 is awesome don't get me wrong, but it is my least favorite console this gen. It's actually the first one I bought because my best friend at the time had one, and I wanted to play some games with her. (Though she ended up playing League of Legends more than her PS4...) So she ended up selling it, ah well.

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