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[MK8] Codys Nintendo Room Tournament

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Hey there this is my tournament on Mario Kart 8 it starts every Saturday you can view all the rules and time for it in the below image. Hope to see you on the tracks!!  Grin

Time + Chat links:

  • 7:00pm to 9:00pm EST (8:00pm to 10:00pm EDT) - If you need help with time zones try this little tool here.
  • Codys Nintendo Room Discord


Tournament Code: 2360-4199-2438
DLC Pack 1 and 2 required to play!
Changes to the rules will no longer happen for this tournament!

Top Player List
Players that win each Saturday will get their name put on this list.

  • (Ðχ)☆YÐ☆ - 10/25/14
  • ºψ ςμηηγ - 11/1/14
  • Ashley - 11/8/14
  • ☆Сody★ - 11/15/14,4/25/15

Tournament Highlight Videos
A few highlights posted of the tournament.



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