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Everything we know about MK8 Deluxe so far

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In this thread I'll be listing all the changes and new additions to MK8 Deluxe so far. If I miss something feel free to post it on the thread and I'll add it to the list.


- Release date: April 28th 2017

- Completely revamped battle mode with 4 new battle arenas
you will now be notified at the bottom of the screen when you hit someone
balloon battle now has 5 balloons
bob-omb blast mode (bombs are stackable)
the current leader in points' character will have a golden crown
Battle Stadium
SNES Battle Course 1
GCN Luigi's Mansion
Urchin Underpass

- 5 new characters
King Boo
Dry Bones
Bowser Jr.
Inkling Boy(3 colours)
Inkling Girl(3 colours)

- 3 new vehicles 
Splat Buggy
Koopa Clown

- 2 new items
Boo (can turn you invisible and steal an item)
Feather (gives you a jump boost, also potentially limited to battle mode)

- No wii remote support
this most likely means d-pad advantage will no longer be a thing

- You can hold 2 items at once
you don't need to trail the first one either

- Double item boxes
similar to double dash

- Item spy removed
due to the lack of a second screen

- Crazy 8 recoloured to match the new Deluxe 8 logo

- Has LAN support for up to 8 players

- Smart steering feature for kids/novice players

corrects your movement abruptly when you start going off-course (see bottom left screen for best example)

- Inklings and villagers are separate character slots
this could be changed when more characters are added to the game, but it looks like they still have room to add another row of 7.

- New title screen (obviously)

- New voting screen
and miis confirmed not dead after all

- Minimap colour changed from blue to grey

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