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Falcon's Tournament Chronicle

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A few years back I had a reference post listing all the tournaments I hosted; however, this was created back in 2014 and a decent chunk of time has passed by then with new tournaments being created. This post is an updated reference list featuring all the tournaments I hosted, as well as the winners of the tournament. A tournament must meet these requirements for being included on the list:

1. I have to be the one that CREATED the tournament / event. Regardless of whether I'm hosting it for one of my own series, for fun, or on behalf of an organization, these tournaments were all created by me. This doesn't include smaller tournaments that I have helped organize or stepped in to organize on behalf of the head TO.

2. I have to be the main TO / one organizing it. This is fairly straightforward, if I'm simply co-hosting a tournament it doesn't count.

3. The tournament has to be completed to get added to the list. Current tournaments and some of the very old tournaments (Like the early noob tournaments I hosted) that are unfinished don't count on the list.

Please note that many of the earlier tournaments were hosted on sites like Allisbrawl or Mariokartwii.com which are sadly no longer active. Due to this only tournament brackets and pages that still exist will get hyperlinked as a reference. In addition the tournaments are color coded for their respective games:

Mario Kart Wii = Cyan
Mario Kart 7 = Green
Super Smash Bros. Brawl = Yellow
Mario Kart 8 = Violet
Board Game Online = Blue
Super Smash Bros. Wii-U = Red
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe = Brown
Other = Orange

Tournament names in () are alternative names used on another site.
Bolded Numbers = The tournament is hyper-linked, click on the name of the tournament to access it.

Fun Facts:

-Falcon's Friendly Tournaments were created as a monthly series to hold people over for six months until Season 3 was ready.

-The Superstar Showdown theme for Season 3 tournaments was originally going to be a Season 5 theme. Season 3 was going to have a MMORPG theme set up and implemented; however, the time time constraints were too much and I was originally looking to wrap up the series so I scrapped the idea and made Superstar Showdown the theme for Season 3.

-There were initially no plans to host Mario Kart 7 tournaments. Although, sometime during August or September that many current participants wanted a Mario Kart 7 series and a few even thought it was a given I would host Mario Kart 7 events in certain ways, thus leading to the Falcon Tour creation.

-The tournament series haven't meant to have lasted until now and were supposed to end on two previous occasions. The first date was January 12th, 2013 and the other date was December 16th, 2014.

-Certain tournament series had tournaments scrapped for various reasons. The Season 4, MKW/MK7 hybrid series Wait What He's Alive was meant to have 13 tournaments overall and the Brawl tournament series Finem Rixam was supposed to have 7 tournaments with the sixth one being a doubles tournament. Wait What He's Alive ended with 7 tournaments due to time constraints with senior year reducing the number of tournaments I could host as well as Nintendo WFC being shut down. Finem Rixam ended at 5 tournaments due to Brawl's Wi-fi being dead and a lack of interest in the series.

-The FxD Center Mayhem Tournaments were designed to be endless. The goal would be creating a basic ruleset which I could host tournaments weekly and even have a few people host it on weeks I wasn't there. In addition there were tournaments held on both Friday and Saturday. Although I initially felt hosting tournaments at college wasn't practical so the series only lasted from the end of May to end of August.

-Due to the abrupt end of the FxD Center Mayhem series and trying to finish all tournaments, the last 6 tournaments of FxD Center Mayhem were held for three days straight with two per day. Due to this certain rulesets had to be compromised like changing Doubles to a KO Room Tournament.

-The Falcon Kart Finale was originally going to be held in August; however it got pushed to December due to last minute preparations for college I had to make.

-Fight To The Finish is the first tournament series to have multiple seasons opposed to only running one season. The reasoning for this was that for the Smash Bros. series I wanted one consistent series opposed to creating multiple smaller series which would involve re-creating rulesets and themes. By having only one series, there would only need to be minor tweaks to rule-sets and there could be more focus on additional content than re-creating a tournament framework.

-Fight To The Finish is no stranger for hiatus. Season 1 ended up having a hiatus for three months between FTTF #5 and FTTF #6 due to certain complications. Meanwhile Season 2 for Fight To The Finish was originally going to start in the summer sometime in May; however, it took all the way until January for the series to finally be finished due to work, and generally being busy on Fridays.

That's all for now, more to come later.

Now without further ado here is a list of tournaments / events hosted by FalconXD separated by year:


1. April 3rd: Falcon's B-Day Tourney [Winner: DeSean]
2. April 24th: Falcon's Team Trouble Tourney (Spring Break Showdown) [Winner: Alexa]
3. May 1st: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #1 [Winner: Alexa]
4. May 8th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #2 [Winner: Ein]
5. May 15th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #3 [Winner: DeSean]
6. May 29th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #4 [Winner: Rem]
7. June 5th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #5 [Winner: DeSean]
8. June 12th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #6 [Winner: YAHA]
9. June 26th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #7 [Winner: David E.]
10. July 3rd: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #8 [Winner: Alexa]
11. July 17th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #9 [Winner: David E.]
12. July 24th: Crazy Cup #1: Falcon Kart Cup [Winner: Kwiz]
13. August 14th: Crazy Cup #2: Reliving The Retros Cup [Winner: Falcon]
14. August 21st: Crazy Cup #3: Anti-Falcon's Vengeance Cup [Winner: Anti-Falcon]
15. August 28th: Crazy Cup #4: Dawn of the Doubles Cup [Winner: Falcon + David E.]
16. September 4th: Crazy Cup #5: Battletoads Cup [Winner: David E.]
17. September 18th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #10 [Winner: David E.]
18. September 25th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #11 [Winner: David E.]
19. October 9th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #12 [Winner: Alexa]
20. October 16th: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #13 [Winner: Jesse]
21. December 24th-25th: Falcon's Christmas Cup [Winners: Jesse, Falcon, Tem, Mal]


22. January 22nd: Blast Of The Past #1: Falcon's Fierce Allstar Racing #-1? [Winner: David E.]
23. January 29th: Blast Of The Past #2: I Believe In Miracles [Winner: Kyle]
24. February 5th: Blast Of The Past #3: Race Of The Wealthy [Winner: David E.]
25. February 12th: Blast Of The Past #4: Take A Chance [Winner: Alexa]
26. February 19th: Blast Of The Past #5: Devious Drifters [Winner: Manuel]
27. February 26th: Blast Of The Past #6: Xpert Tense Racing [Winner: Falcon]
28. March 5th: Blast Of The Past #7: Canadian Gorge [Winner: Falcon]
29. March 12th: Blast Of The Past #8: Honolulu Hell [Winner: Manuel]
30. March 19th: Blast Of The Past #9: Ninja Mayhem [Winner: Itachi]
31. March 26th: Blast Of The Past #10: Fighting For First [Winner: AALegends]
32. April 2nd: Special Series #1: Canadian Car Race [Winner: Shado]
33. April 9th: Special Series #2: The Ol' Switcheroo [Winner: Koop]
34. April 16th: Blast Of The Past #11: Trouble On The Horizon [Winner: Mega]
35. April 30th: Blast Of The Past #12: 540 Ways To Lose [Winner: Falcon]
36. May 7th: Blast Of The Past #13: Annoyed @ Items [Winner: Falcon]
37. May 14th: Special Series #3: Item Killers [Winner: Alexa]
38. May 21st: Fan-Hated Special: Anti-Falcon's Annihilation [Winner: Thunda]
39. May 28th: Blast Of The Past #14: Pimp's Gang: The F.O.F. [Winner: Thunda]
40. June 4th: Blast Of The Past #15: Victory Shall Be Mae [Winner: Zoom/Mr. Dean]
41. July 2nd: Falcon's Friendly Tournament #1: Falcon's Cup [Winners: Thunda, AA, Falcon, Manuel, Zero]
42. August 20th-21st: Falcon's Friendly Tournament #2: I Believe Cup [Winner: Thunda]
43. September 23rd: Falcon's Friendly Tournament #3: SAS Cup [Winners: Thunda, Falcon]
44. October 8th: Falcon's Friendly Tournament #4: rAAge Cup [Winner: Thunda]
45. November 26th: Falcon's Friendly Tournament #5: MarioOz Cup [Winners: LR*Master, Thunda, Nikky]
46. December 24th-27th: Falcon's Friendly Tournament #6: Holiday Cup [Winner: Thunda]


47. January 7th: Falcon's Friendly Tournament #7: [DC]Troll Cup [Winners: Thunda, Death]
48. January 13th: Superstar Showdown #1: Shroomboy & His Shockbird [Winner: Thunda]
49. January 14th: Falcon Tour #1: Lake Town [Winner: Falcon]
50. January 20th: Superstar Showdown #2: I Believe In Underdogs [Winner: Thunda]
51. January 21st: Falcon Tour #2: Speedy Village [Winner: Shado]
52. January 27th: Superstar Showdown #3: Memes Kart Master [Winner: Thunda]
53. January 28th: Falcon Tour #3: Great Pyramid Complex [Winner: Yoshinendo]
54. February 3rd: Superstar Showdown #4: Annione Want A Blue Shell? [Winner: Thunda]
55. February 4th: Falcon Tour #4: Spin-out Circuit [Winner: Pikachu24Fan]
56. February 10th: Superstar Showdown #5: Bad Bullet [Winner: Thunda]
57. February 11th: Falcon Tour #5: Tiku Tiku Mountain [Winner: Shado]
58. February 24th: Superstar Showdown #6: From Riches To Red [Winner: Thunda]
59. February 25th: Falcon Tour #6: Falcon's Football Stadium [Winner: Yoshinendo]
60. March 9th: Superstar Showdown #7: Electrifying Comeback [Winner: Fade]
61. March 10th: Falcon Tour #7: Sunken City [Winner: Shado]
62. March 16th: Superstar Showdown #8: Royal Rough-Houser [Winner: Thunda]
63. March 17th: Falcon Tour #8: Armagna Forest [Winner: Falcon]
64. March 23rd: Superstar Showdown #9: Identity Thief [Winner: Thunda]
65. March 31st: Falcon Tour #9: 16 Plus Islands [Winner: Thunda]
66. April 13th: Superstar Showdown #10: The Blue Cheat-Blur (Falcon's All Cup Tour) [Winner: Falcon]
67. April 14th: Falcon Tour #10: Blackwell State Prison [Winner: Kotejimo]
68. April 28th: Superstar Showdown #11: 8-Bit Elite (Retro Racing Tournament) [Winner: Thunda]
69. April 29th: Falcon Tour #11: Birthday Cake [Winner: Thunda]
70. May 4th: Superstar Showdown #12: Black Beats (The Zip-Zip-Zippity-Doo Tournament) [Winner: S-BLAZE]
71. May 5th: Falcon Tour #12: Death Island [Winner: Falcon]
72. May 11th: Superstar Showdown #13: Strong Racers Have Weaknesses (Miighty Mario Kart Tournament) [Winner: Elefish]
73. May 12th: Falcon Tour #13: Bay City [Winner: Yoshinendo]
74. May 18th: Superstar Showdown #14: Lighting The Skies (King Of The Outward Drift) [Winner: Thunda]
75. May 19th: Falcon Tour #14: Mayhem Manor [Winner: Souji]
76. June 1st: Superstar Showdown #15: White Warrior X (Falcon's Evening FFA Tournament) [Winner: Crusher]
77. June 2nd: Falcon Tour #15: Carribean Retreat [Winner: Thunda]
78. June 15th: Superstar Showdown #16: The Presidential Racer (The Toad + Toadette Grand Prix) [Winner: Thunda]
79. June 16th: Falcon Tour #16: Mod Kombat-Arena 1 [Winner: Thunda]
80. June 29th: Superstar Showdown #17: Unhappy Humans (Wacky Switch-Up Tournament) [Winner: Thunda]
81. June 30th: Falcon Tour #17: Crazy Carnival [Winner: Thunda]
82. July 6th: Superstar Showdown #18: Love Em and Leave Em (Duel Of The Doubles) [Winners: Rina + Ben]
83. July 7th: Falcon Tour #18: Enchanted Valley (Falcon's Regular MK7 Tournament #1) [Winner: YAHA]
84. July 20th: Superstar Showdown #19: Invisible Illusionist (Wario + Wario Bike Tournament) [Winner: Marq]
85. July 21st: Falcon Tour #19: Terra City Angel Skyline (Expecting Waluigi? Too Bad Wario Time) [Winner: Trevor]
86. August 10th: Superstar Showdown #20: Why I Don't Play Tourneys (Speedy Spears Tournament) [Winner: Falcon]
87. August 11th: Falcon Tour #20: Kamikaze Skyline Koon (Clash Of The Clouds) [Winner: Thunda]
88. August 31st: Superstar Showdown #21: Rise Of The Raven (Vehicle-Hopping Tournament) [Winner: Thunda]
89. September 1st: Falcon Tour #21: Showdown Finale Opener (Falcon's Regular MK7 Tournament #2) [Winner: Falcon]
90. September 7th: Superstar Showdown #22: Riivodynamics (The Devil's Tournament) [Winner: Thunda]
91. September 8th: Falcon Tour #22: The Summit Plummet (Falcon's Regular MK7 Tournament #3) [Winner: $ean]
92. September 14th: Superstar Showdown #23: In The Shados (Magikruiser Mayhem) [Winner: Thunda]
93. September 15th: Falcon Tour #23: Kart Factory (Falcon's Regular MK7 Tournament #4) [Winner: Jolteon]
94. September 21st: Superstar Showdown #24: The Boastful Battery (Quick Quackers) [Winner: S-BLAZE]
95. September 22nd: Falcon Tour #24: Castle Coaster (Falcon's Feather Tournament) [Winner: Souji]
96. September 28th: Superstar Showdown #25: Mr. Doppelganger (Mario Kart Color Wars) [Winner: Ben]
97. September 29th: Falcon Tour #25: Olympic Park (Mario Kart 7 Itemless Tournament) [Winner: Joshark]
98. October 12th: Superstar Showdown #26: Storming Speedster (Blue Falcon Blast) [Winner: Thunda]
99. October 13th: Falcon Tour #26: Doom Factory (Falcon's Regular MK7 Tournament #5) [Winner: Falcon]
100. October 19th-20th: Falcon's 100th Tournament Fiesta [Winners: Thunda, Falcon, Game, Jolteon]
101. November 9th: Superstar Showdown #27: Straight Outta Philly (Race Of The Dead) [Winner: Thunda]
102. November 10th: Falcon Tour #27: Fire Stadium (Falcon's Regular MK7 Tournament #6) [Winner: Jolteon]
103. November 16th: Superstar Showdown #28: Through The Feral And Flares (The Fire Cup) [Winner: Thunda]
104. November 17th: Falcon Tour #28: Doomsday Preparation (Falcon's Regular MK7 Tournament #7) [Winner: Falcon]
105. November 23rd: Superstar Showdown #29: Demented-Dimension Scientist (The Nightmare Tournament) [Winner: Thunda]
106. November 24th: Falcon Tour #29: Floral Valley Fortress (Anti-Falcon's Torture Tournament) [Winner: $ean]
107. November 30th: Superstar Showdown #30: Falcon's Funeral (The Revenge Of Anti-Falcon) [Winner: Anti-Falcon]
108. December 1st: Falcon Tour #30: Cliff Jumping (Falcon's Dream MK7 Tournament) [Winner: Falcon]
109. December 14th: Superstar Showdown #31: The Final Race (Superstar Showdown Finale) [Winner: Rina]
110. December 15th: Falcon Tour #31: Cliffs Of Doom (Falcon Tour Finale)[Winner: Thunda]
111. December 28th-29th: Superstar Brawl-Off [Winners: DreamKnight, K9, Kiraflax]


112. January 11th-12th: Falcon's Final MKW + MK7 Tourney (MK7 Large FFA Tournament January 11th) (MKW Large FFA Tournament January 12th) [Winners: Marv, Kyle]
113. June 7th: Wait What He's Alive #1: Beyond The Final Tourney (Wait What He's Alive [MK7] [Winner: Brandon]
114. June 21st: Wait What He's Alive #2: The Many Revivals (Wait What He's Alive [MKW]) [Winner: Thunda]
115. July 5th: Wait What He's Alive #3: Speedy Advertising Service (Wait What He's Alive [MK7] [Winner: $ean]
116. July 19th: Wait What He's Alive #4: TeamBuns (Wait What He's Alive [MKW]) [Winner: Thunda]
117. July 26th: Wait What He's Alive #5: I Gotta Believe (Wait What He's Alive [MK7]) [Winner: Vantox]
118. August 9th: Wait What He's Alive #6: Queen Of Randomness (Wait What He's Alive [MKW]) [Winner: Thunda]
119. October 18th: Official MKW.com Premier Raffle FFA Tournament [Winner: Starz]
120. November 9th: Official MKW.com Fall FFA Tournament [Winner: Marv]
121. December 7th: Official MKW.com Mario Christmas 7 Tournament [Winner: Jack]


122. February 7th: Finem Rixam #1: You Came To The Wrong Village [Winner: Ugly]
123. February 14th: Finem Rixam #2: Battle Of The Blue [Winner: Maleficent]
124. February 21st: Finem Rixam #3: Who Doesn't Like Yoga Pants? [Winner: ntarps]
125. February 28th: Finem Rixam #4: Queen Of The Comets [Winner: Adept69]
126. March 14th: Finem Rixam #5: Clumsiness Is Banned [Winner: Drover]
127. March 28th: A Pointless Online Board Game Tournament [Winner: Rexi]
128. April 4th: Falcon's B-Day Tourney II: The Four-Year Party [Winner: Mayor]
129. April 12th: Wait What He's Alive #7: Star Brothers Saga (Wait What He's Alive [MK7]) [Winner: Kyle24 + Ali]
130. May 9th-19th: Falcon's Invitational Tournament [Winner: Crusher]
131. May 31st: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #1 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: AbsoluteZer0Nova]
132. June 6th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #2 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Topcat]
133. June 7th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #3 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: DK Master]
134. June 13th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #4 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Nightmare]
135. July 4th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #5 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Shado]
136. July 5th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #6 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Falcon]
137. July 11th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #7 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Rina]
138. July 11th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #8 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Falcon]
139. July 25th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #9: KO Room Edition (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Falcon]
140. July 25th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #10: Balloon Battle (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Falcon]
141. July 26th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #11: Attack On Anti-Falcon (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: PentaSalad]
142. July 26th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #12: Believe's Miracle Race (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Falcon]
143. July 27th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #13: Lightweight Fight (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Falcon]
144. July 27th: FxD Center Mayhem Tournament #14: Mii Kart 8 (FxD Center Mayhem) [Winner: Falcon]
145. August 10th-15th: The huge MKW.com Quiz Round 2: Tournament Edition [Winners: Kentos, Arvo, Crazi]
146. August 10th-23rd: FxD Center Championship Clash [Winner: Snicks]
147. August 10th-December 19th: Falcon's Grandmaster Championship [Winner: Grapes]
Division #1
Division #2
Division #3
Division #4
Grandmaster Championship Round

148.  December 12th-19th: Falcon Kart Finale [Winners: Yoshimo, Snicks]


149. May 22nd: Falcon's Random Random Tournament [Winner: Falcon]
150. August 21st: Fight To The Finish #1: A New Era [Winner: Admiral iFox]
151. August 22nd-31st: Amiibros: For Glory CPU Tournament #1 [Winner: Votega]
152. September 4th: Fight To The Finish #2: Equip Up [Winner: Taka]
153. September 18th: Fight To The Finish #3: Rookie Rough-Housing [Winner: LRAStart]
154. September 25th: Fight To The Finish #4: Computer Crashing [Winner: Gman]
155. October 2nd: Fight To The Finish #5: Sibling Showdown [Winner: ElGlug]


156. January 8th: Fight To The Finish #6: Friendly Face-Off [Winner: Pooterhead]
157. January 15th: Fight To The Finish #7: Long Live The Low Tiers [Winner: Killer]
158. January 22nd: Fight To The Finish #8: Time To Hit The Books [Winner: Nickyg23]
159. January 29th: Fight To The Finish #9: Physical V.S. Digital [Winner: ATATA]
160. February 5th: Fight To The Finish #10: Meandering Montages [Winner: Forbidden]
161. February 19th: Fight To The Finish #11: Enter The Rival [Winner: Spirunk]
162. February 26th: Fight To The Finish #12: Prepare Yourself [Winner: Nickyg23]
163. March 4th: Fight To The Finish #13: The Secret Plan [Winner: Forbidden]
164. March 18th: Fight To The Finish #14: Wii Would Like To Fight [Winner: Nickyg23]
165. March 25th: Fight To The Finish #15: Duke It Out! [Winner: Fusion]
166. July 24th-August 18th: Fight To The endl; [Winner: Killer]
167. August 19th: Last Minute Summer Smash [Winner: Meteor_Orbit]


168. January 13th: Fight To The Finish #16: The Next Step [Winner: Shadow5594]
169. January 20th: Fight To The Finish #17: Make It Rain Pain [Winner: Raheem The Dream]
170. January 27th: Fight To The Finish #18: Reality Check [Winner: Raheem The Dream]
171. February 10th: Fight To The Finish #19: For Glory Escapades [Winner: Gman]
172. February 17th: Fight To The Finish #20: An Unexpected Occurence [Winner: Black Star - Pavel]
173. February 24th: Fight To The Finish #21: Package Problems [Winner: Master PUFFY]
174. March 17th: Fight To The Finish #22: I Wanna Be The Very Best [Winner: Black Star - Pavel]
175. March 24th: Fight To The Finish #23: Enter The Warzone [Winner: Gman]
176. April 21st: Fight To The Finish #24: Victory Tastes Sweet [Winner: SVP]
177. April 28th: Fight To The Finish #25: Difficult Decisions [Winner: Leaf]
178. May 5th: Fight To The Finish #26: Road Trip [Winner: Killer]
179. May 12th: Fight To The Finish #27: A Quick Pit Stop [Winner: Realms]
180. May 19th:Fight To The Finish #28: Hotel Hijinks [Winner: Raheem The Dream]
181. May 26th: Fight To The Finish #29: You Shoudn't Have Done That [Winner: Raheem The Dream]
182. June 2nd: Fight To The Finish #30: The Moment Of Truth [Winner: Gman]
183. June 6th-June 14th: Fight To The Endline 2: Post-Season Royale [Winner: Jamesb2696]
184. June 16th: Fight To The Finish Season 2 Post-Season Tournament [Winners: Realms, Team Cody]
185. June 24th: Pointless Online Board Game Tournament II [Winner: Believe]
186. August 11th: Fight To The Finish Season 3 Pre-Season Tournament [Winners: Chuyramosfregoso, Falcon]
Competitive Bracket
Casual Bracket

187. December 22nd: Fight To The Finish: Holiday Special [Winners: Gman, Falcon]


188. June 1st: Grab Bag #1: Simply Smashing [Winner: KY]
189. June 8th: Grab Bag #2: Night At The Races [Winner: SuperFlame]
190. June 15th: Grab Bag #3: Yet Another Pointless Tournament [Winner: Falcon]
191. June 23rd: Grab Bag #4: Plain Vanilla [Winner: Falcon]
192. July 6th: Grab Bag #5: What A Racket [Winner: J_yaRR]
193. July 13th: Grab Bag #6: Blast To The Past [Winner: Ignite]
194. July 20th: Grab Bag #7: Shoot And Slide [Winner: Super Splat Squids]
195. July 27th: Grab Bag #8: Oh Baby, A Tetris [Winner: MariyoTree]
196. August 17th: Grab Bag #9: The Very Best [Winner: Graph1cs]
197. November 3rd: Grab Bag #10: Fighting The Boardom [Winners: Team Water Buffalos (ChrisP + Doylekdoy)]
198. November 17th: Grab Bag #11: The Race That Never Ends [Winner: CptnMario]
199. November 17th: Grab Bag #12: The Drought Ends [Winner: Falcon]

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Here is the champion leader-board for the tournament series, this list takes all the players who have won a tournament and ranks them in order, this will get updated as time goes on and should be fairly straight-forward. Here are the champions and the number of their wins:

111 Champions:

1. Thunda: 39 Wins
2. FalconXD: 32 Wins
3. David E.: 8 Wins
4. Alexa: 6 Wins
4. Gman: 6 Wins
6. Shado: 5 Wins
6. Raheem The Dream: 5 Wins
8. DeSean: 3 Wins
8. Manuel: 3 Wins
8. Yoshinendo: 3 Wins
8. Rina: 3 Wins
8. $ean: 3 Wins
8. Jolteon: 3 Wins
8. Killer: 3 Wins
8. Nickyg23: 3 Wins
16. YAHA: 2 Wins
16. Anti-Falcon: 2 Wins
16. Jesse: 2 Wins
16. Kyle: 2 Wins
16. AALegends: 2 Wins
16. S-BLAZE: 2 Wins
16. Souji: 2 Wins
16. Crusher: 2 Wins
16. Ben: 2 Wins
16. Marv: 2 Wins
16. Snicks: 2 Wins
16. Forbidden: 2 Wins
16. Black Star - Pavel: 2 Wins
16. Realms: 2 Wins
16. SuperFlame: 2 Wins
31. Ein: 1 Win
31. Rem: 1 Win
31. Kwiz: 1 Win
31. Tem: 1 Win
31. Mal: 1 Win
31. Itachi: 1 Win
31. Koop: 1 Win
31. Mega: 1 Win
31. Zoom/Mr. Dean: 1 Win
31. Zero: 1 Win
31. LR*Master: 1 Win
31. JustNikky: 1 Win
31. Death: 1 Win
31. Pikachu24Fan: 1 Win
31. Fade: 1 Win
31. Kotejimo: 1 Win
31. Elefish: 1 Win
31. Marq: 1 Win
31. Trevor: 1 Win
31. Joshark: 1 Win
31. Game: 1 Win
31. DreamKnight: 1 Win
31. K9: 1 Win
31. KiraFlax: 1 Win
31. Brandon: 1 Win
31. Vantox: 1 Win
31. Starz: 1 Win
31. Jack: 1 Win
31. Ugly: 1 Win
31. Maleficent: 1 Win
31. ntarps: 1 Win
31. Adept69: 1 Win
31. Drover: 1 Win
31. Rexi: 1 Win
31. Mayor: 1 Win
31. Kyle24: 1 Win
31. Ali: 1 Win
31. AbsoluteZer0Nova: 1 Win
31. TopCat: 1 Win
31. DK Master: 1 Win
31. Nightmare: 1 Win
31. PentaSalad: 1 Win
31. Kentos: 1 Win
31. Arvo: 1 Win
31. Crazi: 1 Win
31. Grapes: 1 Win
31. Yoshimo: 1 Win
31. Admiral iFox: 1 Win
31. Votega: 1 Win
31. Taka: 1 Win
31. LRAStart: 1 Win
31. El_Glug: 1 Win
31. Pooterhead: 1 Win
31. ATATA: 1 Win
31. Spirunk: 1 Win
31. Fusion: 1 Win
31. Meteor_Orbit: 1 Win
31. Shadow5594: 1 Win
31. Master PUFFY: 1 Win
31. SVP: 1 Win
31. Leaf: 1 Win
31. Jamesb2696: 1 Win
31. Cyziax: 1 Win
31. Swordlegacy: 1 Win
31. Dimento98: 1 Win
31. Adamsicle: 1 Win
31. BlazerKirby: 1 Win
31. Believe: 1 Win
31. Chuyramosfregoso: 1 Win
31. KY: 1 Win
31. J_yaRR: 1 Win
31. Ignite: 1 Win
31. t0mmy: 1 Win
31. t1mmy: 1 Win
31. Mango: 1 Win
31. Shadow: 1 Win
31. MariyoTree: 1 Win
31. Graph1cs: 1 Win
31. ChrisP: 1 Win
31. Doylekdoy: 1 Win
31. CptnMario: 1 Win

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