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MCN show at Excel mini-review

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In short, I thought that it was a bit pants, with nowt much to do other than look at the stalls. Craig Jones rode round in circles for 5 minutes on a Victory three piece sofa and half a dozen names had a couple of little races on 125s. Things I leant were:

The Kawasaki H2 is uglier than an ugly thing that hit every branch when it fell out of the ugly tree. The Triumph 675R still feels like a 400 to sit on and the Sprint GT has lost a bundle of appeal from the ST guise. I couldn't get a better deal on an Arai RX7 at the show than I could elsewhere :-( But I picked up another Venhill pressure gauge and a naff Trick-Moto paddock stand for a few quid off the usual rate.

Had a good look at the Abba Sky Lift, but concluded that I won't be getting one. Can't think of anything it lets you do that paddock stands won't - other than wheel the bike around - and if that's what I want then I would get the quicker and more stable 1-Jac (which is still twice the amount I'd be happy to pay for it) so for that sort of money I'll go with a normal bike ramp for the foreseeable future.

The Yamaha team boss is eager to get more bikes onto club grids and will be putting together a "very good" package for next year, and Mr. Aprilia offered a *really* tempting deal on a new RSV4 RF - So much so that if they don't blow up every week one will definitely be on the short list for 2016 if the residuals hold up.

Other than that, well, it was a day out, but I'd sooner spend a day at Newark auto jumble.....

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Can't disagree more , I thought it was a cracking day ,so much better than the NEC,

Foggy made me laugh telling some of his story's, Scott gave a great talk on his plans and how the style is now with the new tyres that you tip the bike in and then brake (this stops the back end lifting ) .
There was nothing I wanted but enjoyed the walk round and looking at the bikes and stalls.

But that's me am I sad ?

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