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Cafe world F.A.Q.

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Visiting neighbors? What do I get?
Every time you visit your neighbors you get a chance to eat their "Dish of the Day". The dish is chosen at random and the player does not pick it. When you do, you will receive 5XP and 20 coins. If you visit more than 20 neighbors in one day the values are lowered to 1XP and 5 coins. You can only help out one neighbor once every day.

What are tips? How come I'm not getting any?

Tips are supposed to be given whenever you visit your neighbor's cafe and eat their "Dish of the Day". However, there's a current bug which doesn't leave tips. I've never received tips even though my notifications have told me that I do receive tips. It's probably a part of the game that they haven't implemented yet and you shouldn't worry about.

I want to start over from the beginning, how do I do that?
The only way to start over from the beginning is to unadd the application and wait 61 days without going on it. If you do that, the game will reset and the next time you go on it'll be a fresh start. Or you can make another facebook/myspace/etc account.

How should I arrange my cafe?

Your cafe is your canvas and your mouse is your paintbrush There is no "perfect" way to arrange your cafe. However, there are some pointers to remember when customizing;
-Always keep the maximum number of stoves in your cafe. Without stoves nothing would happen in the game. They're essential.
-You don't need all of the counters out. I find three works the best. If you need more counters, add them in when you need them. Keeping empty counters for no reason just takes up space. jayah gives some insight to using counters effectively
-Make sure your counters are as close to your tables as you can. The closer the counters, the faster you serve food.
-Only one customer can use a table at a time. This means only one chair per table.
-Make sure that at least one side of the table is open for your waitress to walk to. There's a chair on one side, that leaves three others.
-Customers cannot walk over chairs to get to another chair/table. They will only walk on open spaces unless they are sitting down. Customers can however walk through other customers.
-Aim to upgrade your cafe's space every five levels. The 25,000 coin upgrade isn't needed unless you cannot sit all of your customers at once.
-At 105 buzz you'll need about 15-17 tables to seat all customers.
-Keep decorations to a minimum and buy the cheapest items until you know you can afford better. I'm level 18 and still have the basic stoves/chairs/tables/counters.
-Extra doors allow more entrances/exits but do not give you more customers. There is no need for more than two doors.

I want 105 buzz! How can I achieve that?

First off, while having 105 buzz seems like it's the best thing that you can have, it's really not. Buzz only controls how many customers you have. The only thing that customers do are eat your servings and give you money. This being said, the only thing that buzz truly effects is how fast you earn back money. You can fully operate your cafe on about 20 buzz. Don't worry if you can't get high buzz, it doesn't change the amount of money you'll earn back, just how quickly you earn back your profits. The only time buzz may influence your game is if your customers can't finish what's on your counters by the time the next meal is done, and in the beginning you really shouldn't have more than three counters worth of food at a time anyways.

My buzz keeps going down but everything seems fine. What's the deal?
Buzz goes down for two reasons; you didn't have any open seats when the customer stops in your cafe, or your customer didn't get served by a certain time after they sat down. If your buzz is randomly dropping, watch your cafe. If you notice people walking in, standing at the door, looking around with a clock symbol above their head, you don't have enough seats. Add more tables/seats and you'll fix the problem. If your buzz goes down without this happening, your waitress isn't fast enough at serving your customers. If this is happening, rearrange your cafe to make sure you waitress can get to tables quickly. Group tables together and put counters closer to your tables. Remember, the higher the buzz, the more customers, and the harder it will be to retain a higher buzz.

Can I sell items I've bought? Can I store them?
Anything that you've bought (aside from food) can be stored. Open the customize menu and drag anything you don't need into the customize menu. This will store the item. When an item is stored, you will see "x#" next to the item, the # being the amount stored. When you replace these items, you won't lose any coins since you've already bought them. If you drag an item over the register symbol, you will sell it. You sell items back for 20% what you bought them for. You should never, ever sell anything unless you NEED money at that EXACT instant.

How do I close my cafe?
To close your cafe, drag the doors to the customize menu to store them. Note that the only reason you should close your cafe is if you are constantly opening the customize menu. If you have food served and customers in your cafe, every time you open and close the customize menu you re-serve your customers, and lose the portions they were eating. You do NOT need to close your cafe while you're not playing the game as your buzz isn't affected when the game is not playing.

Does served food spoil?
No, served food does not spoil. The only time food spoils is if it's left on the stove for too long after it's been made. You can, however, accidentally delete your served food/cooking food if you drag a counter/stove with food on it into the customize menu.

I lost a table/chair/counter/stove/food!

No you didn't. If you lost a table, chair, counter or stove, you probably dragged it into the customize menu. Just go back to it and drag it back out. It'll be free. If you have food on the stove or counter and you drag the counter/stove to the customize menu, you will lose the food on it.

I can afford to expand my cafe, should I? When should I aim to?
Ask yourself this question: Do you have enough tables/chairs with enough room to put your counters and stoves in your cafe and keep a majority of your guests happy, while being happy with your buzz rating? If so, you don't need to purchase the upgrade. Personally the first two upgrades are needed in my opinion, but the 25,000 coin upgrade isn't needed unless you plan on obtaining a 105 buzz, or have more than enough money to spend on it.

Can I quickly replace the wallpaper/tiles?
No, as of right now you have to drag and drop each individual floor tile and wallpaper.

My game is running SO SLOW! What can I do to speed it up?
First, turn the game into low resolution by clicking the 'eye' icon on the right. That should help immensely. If you're still having a very slow game, try closing all other tabs and programs except for Cafe World. It doesn't matter how good your computer is, you will still have lag if you've got a 105 or so buzz rating.
Another thing you can try is to play the game on a different web browser. The three main browsers people use are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I've personally found Google Chrome to work the best for Zynga games, with Firefox as a close second. Internet Explorer has worked the worst for me. If you're interested in trying out Firefox or Chrome, here are some links:
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Both are also safer than Internet Explorer.

I'm having connection issues/Cafe World is having maintenance! What about my food on the stoves?
If you are having frequent connection issues, you can either keep trying to refresh the game and see if it starts working, or wait a while and come back. I've found that most of the time, connection issues will happen for a few minutes and the game will start running smoothly again. If the connection issues continue, most of the time Zynga will put the game into maintenance. If not, check to see if your connection isn't to blame.
If there is maintenance, you'll just have to wait it out. Food still cooks/spoils while the game is in maintenance, so don't be alarmed if you come back to spoiled food. If it's only minor maintenance, don't expect anything in return, however if there is a LONG period of maintenance over several hours then you may get compensated. Zynga will also post messages warning you if there is scheduled server maintenance in the near future.

I've got a problem running the game/I purchased an expansion and didn't get it/The game doesn't run right.
First, look at The Support Forum to see if the problem is being reported by several people at the same time. Extra threads just take up more space and don't solve the problem. If no one else is having the problem, Create a new thread and make sure you include the general problem in the title of the thread. Unrelated thread topics will more than likely not get help or may even be deleted.
If they cannot help you, Look through the Zynga support Q&A's to see if you can find a solution. Note, I find that this page loads extremely slow, so it may do the same for you.
If you still cannot find anything, Log a Zynga support ticket. If you do not have a Zynga support account, which is NOT the same as a forum account, you will need to make one. Support tickets are the best way to reach Zynga if you have a problem with any of their games. Again, this site may load slow for you. [b]

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