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What to send to get 10 friendship points

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How much of everything is equal to 10 Friendship points


Friendship Points Recommendations

-You can only get 10 FP for each friend each day, so don't send more than you need to. (The day restarts the same time Pet Society does, 0:00 GMT)
-Only send gifts to people you trust will send them back. (Unless you're loaded and don't mind losing items)
-Remember to put a note with your gift. There has been a glitch in the past that lets the system "lose" a gift without a note. I usually put something like "Working on Friendship points, please send these back to me " Not only does it ensure that the gift will get to its recipient, but it reminds the friend that you want the gift back, it's not for them to keep.
-Send what you have the most of first. If you just harvested 25 crops worth of green peppers, send those first. If you don't have many sticks or stones, don't worry about sending them, just use the crops you have the most of.
-Because flowers, trees, fences, and garden "accessories" are so expensive, I recommend not sending them. Just send crops and sticks and stones.

The List!

100 sticks
100 stones


1000 chicken wheat
500 white radish
250 carrots
200 green peppers
150 corn
167 purple radish
167 yellow peppers
167 red peppers

5 Milk
5 Bread
4 Cake (white dish)
4 Pie
2 Turkeys
2 Fish

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