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i have a good voice, and i act in a local theatre sometimes, but i have a serious case of stage fright...

4 example, when we have music class, and i have to sing a part of a song alone, i get really nervous and scared, and i can't
or when i'm in the theatre, on stage, i get scared that i'll mess up in front of all that people, and then i really mess up, or forget the words..!
ond when i wrote a song for my friend's band, and they asked me to sing it for them, i couldn't, with all of them staring at me! :wub:

i can't even do stuff like that in front of best friends or family!
how can i get rid of that....? Sad

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That's hard, but here's a story for you that might help. Earlier this year, my choir director asked me to play my flute for our concert. I was scared to death of doing it. I had not played the flute in front of people for over 20 years, and am not the world's greatest flute player. But, I was determined to get over being scared of getting up and playing in front of people. Singing is no problem, I've done solos before, but playing scared the life out of me.

I dragged my feet so much about it, and finally I decided that I was going to get over my fear of plaiyng in front of people. I started small by playing at home for my family, and then after a time I got up in front of the choir and played. I was scared...no make that terrified, about playing in front of them. What will I say if I messed up, how would I get over that? I asked myself almost constantly.

Then something happened, I realized that these folks are my friends, and if I did mess up, they won't laugh at me, they will offer me moral support for trying. So, taking baby steps, I first played the song in front of the choir, and then I had to work on getting over the nerves. My hands would shake like crazy, but I was so determined to play the song to the best of my abilities.

On September 27, my fears were overcome when I got up in front of an audience and played the song by myself in front of 250 people. I don't know what they thought of the performance, but when my friend's daughter came up to me and said 'you played the flute nicely', I realized that it was all worth it.

Getting up in front of people takes a lot of courage, but when you stand before people you know, it does help and they know that it's nervewracking. One time a friend of mine told me after I was so broken up about forgetting the words to a song, 'the ones you got right were fantastic'. Today, that's precisely how I go into performing.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your song and your acting. Smile

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I added to your Rep Yvette for your story and for your advice.

I would say, Ena, that you have to want to perform - not everyone really wants it...but if you do, then there are ways to get beyond the fear.

First off, understand that you don't have to be the world's best performer anyway - and even if you were, chances are that someone wouldn't like it - that just goes with the territory I'm afraid, and you have to accept that.

Nearly all performers have the nerves, and have their own way of coping with them.

Perhaps some exercises in controlled breathing might help you a little? I'm sure there's lots of information on that if you do a search of the net - good luck!

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im feeling you Sad alot of people say im a good singer aswell and when our school took part in a singing competition i had to sing a solo!!!!! i was so scared as i dont know how im going to sound sometimes like what if my voice goes all croky if i havent drinken enough water or i sing to soft that it sounds bad!

Now, Im not going to tell you to picture the audience naked or something!! seriously this does not work i've tried!!

finding solutions for problems is different for every single person!

1. if your in front of a crowd i would suggest to see if theres any1 u hate in the crowd (someone that has hurt you or said bad things about you or thinks he/she is the best) that sometimes helps because sometimes you just want to show them that your a better singer , this doesn't help with friendship but hey! she/he will never know you were thinking about them when you were singing!

( if you forget the words on stage keep singing after 5 minutes the crowd would have totally forgotten )

2. if your in front of friends and family ( practicing) i would suggest getting friends/family to start singing WITH YOU! tell them to stop when you say a certain word and you continue singing by yourself!!

i hope these help at all lol Smile whenever i have to do solos i picture this girl who picks on everyone all the time ( try not to think of sad things though because that can stuff up your voice whilst singing ) oh and one last thing , i recommend not eating directly before you sing just drink water )

Chocolate<3 congratulations

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