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LOST (Destined to save) by Joseph Daniel

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(Destined to save)


Raymond, a young boy was in dilemma when his father was dying. All medical attempt proved abortive, he sought for traditional help and was to find a gem that was lost thousand years ago.
he searched for the gem everywhere, he found mystic aged book which lead him to a forest where he got lost but unknown to him everything was pre-destined.
will he find his way home...
will he able to save his father...
Find out in this thrilling story LOST
Written by Joseph Daniel...
On no account should this publication be copied, pasted, pirated or store in any retrieval system.
(C) Joseph Daniel
2018 production.


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(Destined to save)
Episode 1
Raymond was seen walking down the street with a school bag on his back. he was coming from school
"Bye" he waved at his friend.
"Bye they waved back at him.
Raymond walked in to met the door of his father
"Dad" he shouted but heard no response.
"Dad" he called again but got no response.
Quickly, he dropped his bag and ran into his father's room
"Dad" he shouted as he scattered everywhere, he looked under the bed but still he didn't see him.
"Dad" He shouted again but still he can't find him.
Then he heard a sound of a hoot. he turned back to see his dad lying on the floor with his face becoming hairy and his mouth growing into a beak
"Dad" He shouted...

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