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  2. A stolen key Written by Joseph Daniel Depressed, I sat in my room. Tears dripping from my eyes An broken heart I have got A sad gift from my first love. Will I ever get over this.. A Stony heart I grew. The door to my heart I locked. I can never fall in love again. Coz I threw them away. What! The key to my heart. Tired, I walked in the shinning sun. My wobbled feet staggering with me. My eyes roaming about in its socket. Then you I saw with your pals. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. A bright light you are to me. Oh no! Could this be love. No! I wouldn't want it to be. I couldn't stop thinking about you. Every silent on my bed. When the voice of the Nightingale is heard. Your image keep reappearing in my head. But that was against my wish. My Stony heart turned fleshy. Imprisoned, I felt by love. shackled, I am by his tact. Now I know who you are A great thief I termed you to be Coz you've stolen the key The key to my heart [[adm]dannyworld[/adm]
  3. Eyes of the prophecy (Forbidden twins) Written by Joseph Daniel King James sat in his chamber oblivious of the things going on around him as he was lost in his reveries. His mind wander back to the beginning of his terror. The day the prophecy was made! He had been an evil king from the day of his coronation, colonizing and destroying towns as many as he could, even his own people hated and feared him and he loved it. He loved the fear. He loved the shivering people felt on seeing him but then the prophecy came by the priest. He was caught in his own game. He didn't believe it at first as he thought no one not a twins is capable of stopping him. He locked up the priest for blaspheming against him but then the people's fear for him reduces. He could hear gossips from them. They believe in the priest. Thinking a twins will come to stop his tyranny. He ignore themselve at first but couldn't stop when it became too much. He travelled in search for the old wizard who was banished due to his practice dark magic. To his disappointment, the wizard confirmed it. Angered by the confirmation, he tried to kill the wizard who disappeared leaving him in despair. He travelled back to his town killing every twins born. He released the locked priest who assisted him in confirming if the one who fulfill the prophecy has been born. Years passed, but he hadn't killed the chosen one. The steps of three men moved in rhythm as they walked towards the palace. Their clothes depicted they weren't from Caramel. Their clothes was made of linen and their shoe shone in response to the sunlight. "Good day" they greeted the palace guards who face weren't smiling. "Who are you and what brought you here?" A palace guard questioned in a rugged voice. "Easy boy, we came all the way to see your king" The guards communed a little with themselves. "Follow me" a guard said as he lead the way to king James' chamber. . King James was jolted from his reverie by the guard who barged in. He could have punished him but couldn't due to the presence of the three men. "Who are they" he thunderedin his most terrifying voice makinf the guard who brought them scampered away but the men seems not to be moved by him. "My Lord we are astrologers. We brought a special information for you my king" King James glared at them. He don't need any foolish gossip anymore. He had enough already. He was almost sending them out when one of them said something that caught his interest. "You saw a star" "Yes my Lord, we saw two great stars signifying two powerful children from the same womb" From the same womb? That's a twin. Yes, a twin. "Astrologers" King James Boomed as his face beamed in delight. "You brought a great information. Take me to where the stars lead you." "As you wish O King" King James laughed evily, he never thought this day will come... T.b.c Enjoy [adm] This story is compete fictional. Any role related to someone dead or alive is merely coincidence. Alright reserved (C) Joseph Daniel Do not try to plagiarized[ this story[/adm]
  4. Eyes of the prophecy (forbidden twins) A birthday story Synopsis A long time ago, there was a land A land? Yes the land of Caramel. You might think what's so special about a land but wait! In the land lives a king who is hunted by a prophecy. Raged by the prophecy, he killed and killed in bid to stop the one who is chosen to fulfill the prophecy, a hundred years passed but still he hasn't killed the right person, he had lost hope on stopping the prophecy untill one night. He had some strange visitors. What could they be there for
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