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  1. Dannnyworld forum created an app for Android user for ease of access to our forum. Click Here to download the app. Enjoy
  2. A stolen key Written by Joseph Daniel Depressed, I sat in my room. Tears dripping from my eyes An broken heart I have got A sad gift from my first love. Will I ever get over this.. A Stony heart I grew. The door to my heart I locked. I can never fall in love again. Coz I threw them away. What! The key to my heart. Tired, I walked in the shinning sun. My wobbled feet staggering with me. My eyes roaming about in its socket. Then you I saw with your pals. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. A bright light you are to me. Oh no! Could this be love. No! I wouldn't want it to be. I couldn't stop thinking about you. Every silent on my bed. When the voice of the Nightingale is heard. Your image keep reappearing in my head. But that was against my wish. My Stony heart turned fleshy. Imprisoned, I felt by love. shackled, I am by his tact. Now I know who you are A great thief I termed you to be Coz you've stolen the key The key to my heart [[adm]dannyworld[/adm]
  3. Eyes of the prophecy (Forbidden twins) Written by Joseph Daniel King James sat in his chamber oblivious of the things going on around him as he was lost in his reveries. His mind wander back to the beginning of his terror. The day the prophecy was made! He had been an evil king from the day of his coronation, colonizing and destroying towns as many as he could, even his own people hated and feared him and he loved it. He loved the fear. He loved the shivering people felt on seeing him but then the prophecy came by the priest. He was caught in his own game. He didn't believe it at first as he thought no one not a twins is capable of stopping him. He locked up the priest for blaspheming against him but then the people's fear for him reduces. He could hear gossips from them. They believe in the priest. Thinking a twins will come to stop his tyranny. He ignore themselve at first but couldn't stop when it became too much. He travelled in search for the old wizard who was banished due to his practice dark magic. To his disappointment, the wizard confirmed it. Angered by the confirmation, he tried to kill the wizard who disappeared leaving him in despair. He travelled back to his town killing every twins born. He released the locked priest who assisted him in confirming if the one who fulfill the prophecy has been born. Years passed, but he hadn't killed the chosen one. The steps of three men moved in rhythm as they walked towards the palace. Their clothes depicted they weren't from Caramel. Their clothes was made of linen and their shoe shone in response to the sunlight. "Good day" they greeted the palace guards who face weren't smiling. "Who are you and what brought you here?" A palace guard questioned in a rugged voice. "Easy boy, we came all the way to see your king" The guards communed a little with themselves. "Follow me" a guard said as he lead the way to king James' chamber. . King James was jolted from his reverie by the guard who barged in. He could have punished him but couldn't due to the presence of the three men. "Who are they" he thunderedin his most terrifying voice makinf the guard who brought them scampered away but the men seems not to be moved by him. "My Lord we are astrologers. We brought a special information for you my king" King James glared at them. He don't need any foolish gossip anymore. He had enough already. He was almost sending them out when one of them said something that caught his interest. "You saw a star" "Yes my Lord, we saw two great stars signifying two powerful children from the same womb" From the same womb? That's a twin. Yes, a twin. "Astrologers" King James Boomed as his face beamed in delight. "You brought a great information. Take me to where the stars lead you." "As you wish O King" King James laughed evily, he never thought this day will come... T.b.c Enjoy [adm] This story is compete fictional. Any role related to someone dead or alive is merely coincidence. Alright reserved (C) Joseph Daniel Do not try to plagiarized[ this story[/adm]
  4. Eyes of the prophecy (forbidden twins) A birthday story Synopsis A long time ago, there was a land A land? Yes the land of Caramel. You might think what's so special about a land but wait! In the land lives a king who is hunted by a prophecy. Raged by the prophecy, he killed and killed in bid to stop the one who is chosen to fulfill the prophecy, a hundred years passed but still he hasn't killed the right person, he had lost hope on stopping the prophecy untill one night. He had some strange visitors. What could they be there for
  5. [mod]Pls take permission before copying[/mod]
  6. [adm]This story is copyrighted[/adm]
  7. Thanks to everyone who has been active on this forum. More grace guyz...
  8. You got me drooling (c) Joseph Daniel . Alluring, beautiful, pretty Can't define your beauty Every day, I see you Your beauty grow in my sight. You are a queen who doesn't need a crown it will be too ugly for you You are a beauty Without a beast Oh no! You wouldn't need it Your face look beautiful like the moon Radiant it look as the sun. Your eyes glowing like the stars You're fragile like a flower More valuable than jewellries Only one thing I found missing. One thing you dreamt about. Waiting for him to wake you from your dream And I knew I will be the perfect one. A prince charming I will be to you Loving and caring for you as ever. The first time I met you I knew I am the one Setting my eye on you I knew I found it My lost jewel Coz you got me drooling
  9. All I think about... (C) Joseph Daniel I never knew it will come to this In my bedroom, I sat thinking about you. The first day I met, I have this feeling My heart stuck in yours And why will I remove it I'm losing my mind. I'm lost in your thought. Looking at you alone could satisfy my rumbling stomach But why are you like this You never thought about me. My heart was filled with guilt I couldn't confess my feeling. A pounding heartbeat I got Whenever I got closer to you. And words got stuck I thought you could hear the wind It sang my love to you Thought you could listen to the whispers It contains my message to you. But no you never How could I see sleep with this feeling My heart pound faster But you can't hear it You smile at me always and So I did to you But that couldn't satisfy my feeling Which grows stronger everyday All could do is to have a wish A wish for you to be mine. But it all seems impossible I can't just stop thinking Thinking about you
  10. QUEEN OF MY HEART (A birthday tale) FINAL EPISODE He can't fight Captain with his magic The only idea formed by his brain is to run, He took to his heels but then he heard a gunshot, turning back to his surprise, Kristina was shot at her leg by Captain. "Stop if you don't want her dead" He commanded, He stopped, his rage increased, eyes sparkles as He walkedtowards them careful not to use his magic on Captain. With a snap of his fingers Daniel blasted the members of the Blood Kingdom with great force, the foundation of the house trembled due to his rage. "I'm Megog" He told him Captain smiled. "I knew" He said and with that shot Kristi at her head. She fell dead. "No" Daniel screamed, She is dead, he thought as he walked towards captain, his power doubled due to Adrenaline. Stretching his hands towards Captain, the locket flew towards him. Captain's jaw dropped in shock, his eye blurred. He never knew Megog could be that powerful. He blinked, how did he do that. Sweats dropped from his forehead. "Erick" Daniel called his real name with a smirk " Die" He said conjuring a lightening by his power... Black out . I loved you but never have the chance to tell you. Your love filled my heart even till now. I never knew you will be leaving alone in this world. I'm sorry for your death Kristi, I'm sorry (Tears dropped) I'm sorry. Daniel was fidgeting with the pen in his hand, his clothes soaked in tears. It has been a month after Kristi death but still He never forget about, He had destroyed the blood Kingdom and even demolished their building but this can't bring back his Kristi. He was lost in thought, until a knock jolted him from his reverie. The knock was disturbing as it was getting more real, it was getting more real waking Daniel from his peaceful sleep. He jumped up from the bed. Opening the door, he met the Queen of his heart Kristina standing with a flower. "Congratulations, Happy birthday" She said with a glowing smile on her face. It was Daniel birthday after all. "yeah" Daniel replied his girlfriend Kristina Gigling. Then he remembered his dream. He wasn't MEGO afterall, it was all a dream... ***THE END****
  11. Queen of my heart (A birthday tale) Episode 7 Kristina sat up confused, how could Daniel do that to him, she thought he loves him but no he didn't, he was fooling around.A knock on the door jolted her out of her reverie. It was too early for a knock, She rented an apartment outside the unversity premises so few or no student knew her house. Still thinking her mind drifted to Daniel he could be the one knocking. That thought brought smile on his face as she dashed out to open it but surprisingly she met a gun point at his forehead. Sweat dropped!!! She was carried into the car where she met Someone she didn't expect. Captain!!! "Captain" She screamed as she tried to open the door but it was locked. After some moment of fruitless effort she gave up; Captain smiled. "I won't ask how you know me coz your fate has been sealed Hahaha" The laughter echoed the air as the car jerked forward in movement. Kristina screamed!!! Daniel ran through an underground leading to where he didn't know, he was exhausted after being giving a wild chase by captain's men. Thank God they missed him but sure they are still on his trail. He ran through the underground, dark, but the rays of sun shone giving a tiny light. He heard someone chanting some spells. A voice he recognized. The Chief priest!!! He tried to run back but it was too late as suddenly the road he passed through the underground was cutoff. "Come in" He heard the chief priest voice said. The voice it sound like a boy like, is the chief priest with a boy he thought Entering the house, it was the house where he was initiated, He met the chief priest sitting with his leg cross like a Vodoo priest. Immediately he saw Daniel, he jumped down. "Megog son of law" He bowed. Damn it Daniel thought "I'm not Megog" "Yes you are the one the prophecy talked about" The chief priest said his voice still boy like. "Who are you, You aren't the priest I knew whose voice sounded like a frog voice" The priest sighed, think his time to reveal his identity which captain has hidden for a long time, Removing the beard attached to him and untying the vodoo scarf on his head. Daniel jaw dropped before him was the shortest boy he has ever saw. "Are you the chief priest" He asked in a state of confusion. "Yes Megog, I am an elf" He breathe out. Elf? they are races of mystical creature Daniel thought, he had read series of novels on elf but thought none of them was real so here was he standing before the magical creature. "My parent left me in a ditch coz of my magical power but Captain found out about my magical power and kept me using me as he wish, he binded me to an oath" "You mean you are not serving the captain" Daniel asked. "He binded me to an oath to serve him always, that's why I revealed you" The mention of captain made Daniel remember his present predicament. He need to ask for help from the priest. "They are after me, I need help" He asked the priest whose eyes were closed again, Daniel wondered what he was doing. "My misssion on earth is complete, I need to go back to my world Kill me" Daniel stared in shock at the boy who was saying gibberish. "Kill me" The boy shouted. "Only if you kill me will you have my magical power tofulfil your destiny as Megog." A knife flew towards Daniel. "Captain men are coming closer now kill me and break me from the binded oath" He shouted and Daniel walked closer with the knife in his hand. His eye closed, He buried the knife in the boy chest. Black fumes came out lifted Daniel up. He could feel it magical power, It was filling him up with an Hercules strength. Then his cloth transformed into an warlord clothes with a crown on his head. Now he was the real Megog. He fell on his feet the black fumes disappeared . He looked down the boy was dead but he heard a voice he recognize as the boy voice. "Captain has made himself indestructible with the mark of Cain, Beware do not attack captain with Magic. It will repel seven fold stronger" Daniel nodded as a sign of response. His spirit eye opened, he could see the boy spirit, He was communicating with. He waved goodbye as other elves came for the boy who also wave him goodbye. He tried to walk but he noticed a step he takes was like an hundred step of a normal human. The magic was walking effectively in him as a human. With a snap of his finger he blasted the door opened in shock to see Captain and his men T.b.c
  12. Queen of my heart (A birthday tale) Chapter 6 Daniel was Megog Captain thought, Well that was good. He could use that opportunity to end him once and for all. He smiled "Don't think you can't be hurt Eric because the mark of Cain can't save you this time" Captain looked down, his eye fell on the glowing locket on his neck. Embeded in the necklace was the mark of Cain which made any attack on him repel in sevenfold. He thought this made him indestructible but hell no. He was told now that the Mark can't save him. "What should I do" He breathe out in disgust. "You have to stop him before he stop you" Lamed said and immediately walked back to his cult room regaining his position sitting like a vodoo priest. Captain snarled at him, he thought the priest will give him another locket that will wield power against Megog but no he only said "Stop him before he stop you" He mimicked Other members of the blood Kingdom was in the room waiting for the next execution to be performed on their next victim. They hailed captain as he walked in but the look on his face made them quiet. "Change of plans guys" Captain announced with bitterness in his voice to the members. "I brought this upon myself and I have to end it now.You are going to terminate Daniel and his lobby friend Kristina" Unknown to him, Daniel who had came to report the incident which happened earlier between him and Kristi was at the door listening to them. Hearing that, he tried to run away but luck was against him as his leg hit a metal on the floor. Captain and his men stared at him in awe “Kill him” Captain commanded T.b.c
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