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A stolen Key

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A stolen key
Written by Joseph Daniel
 Depressed, I sat in my room.
Tears dripping from my eyes
An broken heart I have got
A sad gift from my first love.
Will I ever get over this..

A Stony heart I grew.
The door to my heart I locked.
I can never fall in love again.
Coz I threw them away.
What! The key to my heart.

Tired, I walked in the shinning sun.
My wobbled feet staggering with me.
My eyes roaming about in its socket.
Then you I saw with your pals.
I could feel butterflies in my stomach.
A bright light you are to me.
Oh no! Could this be love.
No! I wouldn't want it to be.

I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Every silent on my bed.
When the voice of the Nightingale is heard.
Your image keep reappearing in my head.
But that was against my wish.

My Stony heart turned fleshy.
Imprisoned, I felt by love.
shackled, I am by his tact. 
Now I know who you are
A great thief I termed you to be
Coz you've stolen the key
The key to my heart

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