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You got me drooling

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You got me drooling

(c) Joseph Daniel

Alluring, beautiful, pretty
Can't define your beauty
Every day, I see you
Your beauty grow in my sight.
You are a queen
who doesn't need a crown
it will be too ugly for you
You are a beauty
Without a beast
Oh no! You wouldn't need it
Your face look beautiful like the moon
Radiant it look as the sun.
Your eyes glowing like the stars
You're fragile like a flower
More valuable than jewellries
Only one thing I found missing.
One thing you dreamt about.
Waiting for him to wake you from your dream
And I knew I will be the perfect one.
A prince charming I will be to you
Loving and caring for you as ever.
The first time I met you
I knew I am the one
Setting my eye on you
I knew I found it
My lost jewel
Coz you got me drooling

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