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All I think about

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All I think about...

(C) Joseph Daniel

I never knew it will come to this
In my bedroom, I sat thinking about you.
The first day I met, I have this feeling
My heart stuck in yours
And why will I remove it

I'm losing my mind.
I'm lost in your thought.
Looking at you alone could satisfy my rumbling stomach
But why are you like this
You never thought about me.

My heart was filled with guilt
I couldn't confess my feeling.
A pounding heartbeat I got
Whenever I got closer to you.
And words got stuck

I thought you could hear the wind
It sang my love to you
Thought you could listen to the whispers
It contains my message to you.
But no you never
How could I see sleep with this feeling

My heart pound faster
But you can't hear it
You smile at me always
and So I did to you
But that couldn't satisfy my feeling
Which grows stronger everyday

All could do is to have a wish
A wish for you to be mine.
But it all seems impossible
I can't just stop thinking
Thinking about you

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