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THE BEGINING OF THE END (Wrath of Lucifer)

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THE BEGINNING OF THE END (Wrath of Lucifer) written by Joseph Daniel


Tags: #supernatural #horror #GhostFiction


No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrival system, or transmitted, in any form or by anymeans without the prior permission in writing to the author and publisher. If founded illegally please kindly contact the author with the contact above. Thanks for respecting the hard work of the author
Legally registered with copyright ©️... Anyone who copy will be charged for copyright infringement. Be Wise!!!


Dedicated to God almighty and Pst. T. Ayanfeoluwa whose sermon on dark world inspired me


Special thanks go to the almighty God for giving the wisdom, understanding and inspiration to drop this piece...


(Wrath of Lucifer) by Joseph Daniel


Jack was afraid as he stood up roaming about his room muttering some prayers, but he felt he was praying into an empty air. Gunshot was heard signifying the death of his guards. He never knew something like this could happen to him. He had heard his pastor preaching about premature but he thought it was imagination. He thought that could only happen to low-level class people. It was a worst nightmare to him, as the thought of being killed by a hired killer kept resurfacing in his brain. He tried to be confident but he felt his confidence has disappeared.
“No, Jack don’t worry, you won’t be killed” He tried re-assuring himself but it was not working. His hand was shaking terribly as he could hear footsteps coming near.
Suddenly the heavily secured iron door leading to his room cracked open revealing six men, each of them with a revolver. Jack knew his end has come. He felt the embracing hand of hell drawing near.
“Pls who are you?” He asked trembling
“Your worst nightmare”
One of the six appearing to be their leader replied, his voice was familiar, Jack thought he heard the voice frequently but he seems to forget where he heard the voice.
“What are you thinking” He asked Jack, this time trying to cover his voice to prevent Jack from recognizing him.
“I’ve to see his face,” Jack thought crazily, gathering the little strength remaining in him, he ran towards one of the assassin in bid to uncover his face but suddenly.... Boom!!! He was shot with the bullet penetrating his forehead... He fell down like a log of wood.
“Guyz let’s go” the leader of the assassin said as he moved out of the duplex and others followed suit...

Hahaha! Hahaha!! Hahaha!!! This is just the beginning of the end...
©️ Joseph Daniel All right reserved

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Writer: Joseph Daniel

He felt my spirit moving through a dark tunnel with an unknown force carrying him; he could feel the heat drawing near. Was he dead?
No! He can’t be possibly dead. He looked down on himself, he was in white apparel, he had only seen this in movie but now it is happening to him real.
He screamed in pain, as the heat was getting intense... Whom would he call for help?
“Oh damn it”
He thought he was not in control of himself any longer
He screamed in pain again, as the heat was getting more intense.
He could hear the screams of other people as if they in great pains.
What type of pain can make people scream in great agony like what he was hearing he thought? Then his mind drifted to his pastor last preaching which is themed “HELL OR HEAVEN where will you spend your eternity”
“Oh my God, does this mean he was going to spend his eternity in hell. Oh no! He shouted, he never believed hell was real until now.
Suddenly he felt a turbulent wave swinging him back and forth.
“Help me, Help Me,”
He shouted as he closed his eye preparing for the worst but instead the waves died down immediately as he shouted.
“What the hell”
He opened his eye to meet himself in a beautiful room, the building of the wall was of Jasper, and everywhere was pure Gold and precious stone.
“Yes at last! I made it; I made heaven”
He shouted with joy...
“Wait??? Was it by magic, I was being moved by an unknown force through a dark tunnel, how did I come here”
He asked rhetorically
“Welcome Jack”
He heard a wavy voice coming from different direction.
He turned around but the echo of the voice seems to be coming from different direction.
Then he saw him, a large serpent with hands and legs carrying the head of a dragon coming from different direction.
“No... Don’t kill me pls”
He shouted as he bends down and covered his face
Suddenly everywhere went dark; there was silence in the room as Jack opened his eye gently standing up. Everywhere was bright again.
He screamed with fear in his voice. As he saw the creature coiled like a snake before him
“SSSSh, calm down I’m not here to kill” The creature said using his serpentine hand to touch his dragon-like head
“Yes sir” Jack replied almost immediately.
“I can sense fear in your voice and also see the glimpse of fear in your face... cast away fear and let confidence flow”
A cool wind blew around Jack and immediately every atom of fear in his body dissolved. He could felt the power of confidence surging in his body.
And yes! The confidence is in him...
He look straight into the dragon-serpent creature eye, his gaze locked with his, he asked
“Who are you” He asked, his voice shaking.
"I am arch angel Lucifer son of morning star" The creature said taking a slight bow

The Beginning of the end continues...
©️ Joseph Daniel. 2018 All right reserved

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THE BEGINING OF THE END (Wrath of Lucifer)
By Joseph Daniel
Notice: do not read if you are soft hearted
Writer: Joseph Daniel

The word Lucifer shocked him, he has only heard of it once in the Bible but still he had to know if he is hell or heaven
Ignoring the word Lucifer, he asked with confidence
“Where am I and why are you  here”
“you are in the dark tunnel on your way to hell” Lucifer said snapping his finger, jack found himself back in the dark tunnel
“Noooo” Jack screamed but immediately he found himself back in the tunnel.
“Pls” He pleaded for help and immediately was returned back to the beautiful room.
“I need you for an assignment” Lucifer told Jack who was shaking due to the fear of the dark tunnel.
“I need back in the world” Lucifer said and Jack looked at him…
Someone can be seen sited on the throne with host of angels surrounding him.
“My Lord do something” one of the elders said
“My Lord don’t allow him to go back with Lucifer, pls help” another elder said.
“If he is patience. I know you will save him my Lord”
“Hahaha, Lucifer is a very cunning being. He is raging in anger because we defeated him. He won’t let him be saved” The Lord sitting on the throne said.
“yes my Lord” The elders replied in unison…
“I’m going for an alternative method” The Lord said.
“Which method my Lord” One of the elders said bowing his head
“You shall see” The Lord said with final authority and the host of angels sang in a loud thunderous voice.
”What did you want me to do” Jack asked Lucifer and he smiled
“Nothing I just want to help you” Lucifer lied as his usual manner.
“I believed you are lying. I heard you are a deceiver” Jack replied.
“Hahaha” Lucifer laughed “You have no choice my dear, is either you choose my offer or you go to hell” Lucifer said laughing wickedly. He pointed his hand towards the wall of the beautiful room and images of those suffering in hell were shown.
Jack looked at the screen. He saw people screaming as they were burned  by fire, “I need  Water, just a tip of water” a woman shouted and immediately she was melted by the fire. She screamed and just immediately she was molded back. Jack could not watch anymore. He holds his ear and covered his face.
“I’m in, count me in” He said trembling ”pls stop I’m not watching anymore” He screamed.
“Hahahaha” Lucifer laughed and put off the screen bringing out a red container, he signaled to jack to come forward.
Jack peeped in the red container. He saw something that looks like blood. He has a strong motion against this but he dared not say it out unless he want to be transported to hell immediately by Lucifer.
“The mark of 666” Lucifer said as he used the blood to write 666 on jack’s forehead.
“Ouch” jack screamed as he felt pain. He looked up and saw that Lucifer was using something like an incisor to write on his forehead.
“Take…. Drink” Lucifer said as he finished writing the 666. He offered the red container with blood to jack. Jack hesitated a little but then he remembered hell. He had no choice, he don’t wanna  go to hell, so this is his only chance. He collected the red container and drank the blood there.
“Hahahaha” Lucifer laughed wickedly as Jack transformed having two horns on his head and a dragon sign on his forehead.
He faced Lucifer and said. “Here am I master”
T.b. c
The Beginning of the end continues...
©️️ Joseph Daniel. 2018 All right reserved

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Writer: Joseph Daniel
“Daniel, Daniel” A voice called, Daniel was a young boy whom many people thought was cursed by the gods, due to his ability to see through the future and read meaning to season.
“Daniel” The voice called again, he rolled on the bed still sleeping, He answered “Yes, Who are you”.
“I’m God almighty who created you; you were born with special power and mysteries which was given to you for divine purpose, it is time to fufill the purpose. Go now!!!...:”
Daniel jumped up from the bed, it was all a dream, he could heard the sound of bell ringing in his ear.
Quickly, he stood up and follows the echo of the bell. The weather was cold, people could be seen wearing cardigan but that doesn’t matter to him, afterall he has no cardigan. He followed the echo  till he was lead to the next street, then he noticed the bell was coming from a church. “I could stay there for the moment” He said and enter the church……
“I want you to wipe off all human beings, I want you to turn them all against, They shall help me in the final battle at Armageddon” Lucifer commanded.
“Yes Master, how should I start” Jack asked…
“Let’s start with revenge on those who killed you” Lucifer said and teleported Jack with a touch
In a large room three guyz are seen sitting round a chair.
“Yes, He’s dead” Their boss said on a phone call.
“Are you sure” A voice asked over the phone.
“Yes I killed him myself” He said but then he felt something passed over him, his head swelling up, the phone fell down from his hand.
“Who goes there” He asked as he felt a presence behind him.
“Jack” A voice replied from nowhere.
“Hahaha Did you think we are scared or what, We killed Jack” One of the guy replied.
“Jack can never be killed by any of you” the voice said and immediately the image of Jack appeared floating in their head.
“Help” They shouted as they run out leaving their guns behind…
“Hahaha” Jack laughed wickedly…
Note: The next episodes will be subtitled THE MARK

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[left]CHAPTER 4

Subtitled THE MARK

Writer: Joseph Daniel

The seven friends who are Jack friend’s were seen sitting in a large hall.

“So after all, his boast he died just like a chicken” One of the friend said

“And each one of us will be collecting $3.5B. Oh my We are rich” Steve said happily.

“Listen everyone, enough of the ladies talk. I will be hosting a party at my house today. You are all invited” Thomas said and they were cheers as the light fades out…


“Horn, Horn” The car horned as all of the friends were outside waiting for Raphael who was still dressing.

“Raphael be fast” Steve said as he hit the horn but Raphael was still searching for his shoe. He left it on the table but was surprised to meet nothing on the table.

“Horn, Horn” The car horned again. Raphael was still looking for his shoe.

“Ok you can go. I can’t find my shoe” Raphael said looking dejecting.

“Oh no! you gonna miss the party” Steve asked.

“Yes I think so” Raphael said his eye could be seen red.

“Okay bye” They replied leaving Raphael behind…

Just as he was walking down to his room, his eye caught something it was his shoe.

“But I thought I checked this place” He asked flabbergasted.

He could sense something passing through but he couldn’t discern it due to how shock he felt.

Quickly he dressed up, he can still meet up with his friend.

Closing the door tightly, He left for the car park in bid to board a cab.

“Hey wait up” He waived down the yellow cab running by. The cab waited for him and he ran towards it.

The inner part of the car was dark. Raphael couldn’t see the cabman properly due to his face being covered with a cap somehow looking like an hood…

Without saying a word, he boarded the cab. Tranquility was maintained as the cab moved on swiftly.

Just immediately, Raphael could feel his head swelling up, strange presence could be felt. He thought it was a bad idea to follow his friend, he could just have stopped the taxi but then he heard a familiar voice.

“Hey bro” The cabman said.

“Just the same way, Jack greets” Raphael said quietly, he hope those things have nothing to do with Jack because he highly opposed his friend’s opinion about Jack.

“A great time for celebrating party of success” The cabman said again.

“What does that means” Raphael asked

“You are going to a party hoisted by one of your friends on the behalf of your death friend” The cabman replied.

“Who are you” Raphael asked as the voice seems familiar.

“I’m an unknown traveler travelling from nowhere to nowhere” The cabman voice change as he talked, then he turned back… Raphael was shocked at who he was…



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Chapter 5
Raphael looked at The cabman, it was angry Jack staring at him…
“No jack, You’re dead” Raphael shouted as he tried to run but the door was locked…
“Dead, Hahaha I’m death himself” Raphael said laughing as he transformed with two horns on head
“No Jack pls don’t kill me. I know nothing, nothing about your death” Raphael begged, secretly he dialed Steve phone
“Do you really think you can lie for me huh? Forget it Raphael I’m no more the Jack you know. I am Arch angel Lucifer’s servant now” Jack said, his eye turned red, Raphael was afraid, he moved back.
Suddenly Jack pointed his hand towards him. Raphael felt being choked,
“Help!” He screamed, but it wasn’t loud. He was weak already.
Jack  eye became redder, Raphael could see hell in his eye, he could hear people crying for help, but he wasn’t ready to die now.
With his last strength, he moved towards Jack and kicked him in his tummy.
“Aaaarrrrgggh” Jack screamed as he fell down, Quickly Raphael broke the window of the car and ran out.
“Help” Echoes of voice were heard as he ran…
“Raphael, Raphael”  Steve shouted over the phone “Aaargh” He dropped the phone down angrily, thereby damaging it.
“Steve what’s it, I heard you screaming” Albert, one of the friends asked.
“It’s Raphael, I think he was in danger” Steve said in fear
“Danger Huh? We left him at home right” Albert asked
“Yes but I heard him screaming for help, he was discussing with someone whose voice seems like…” Steve said but stop, the word seems too heavy for him. He looked at Albert with a scary.
“Whose voice seems like Jack” He dropped the word.
“Jack! Hahahaha Oh my God, Steve I’m sure you’re hallucinating” Albert replied still laughing.
“Stop it Albert I’m not” Steve replied “We need to go back to Raphael house to save him”  Steve said holding Albert hand.
“What!!! You mean we gonna leave this party huh? Well I’m not going with you” Albert said and walked out angrily.
Raphael run still screaming for help. He run by the roadside trying to waived down a car but no car seems passing by,
He ran but stop when he saw a light, it was a car.
“Wait Pls help me” he ran after the car.
“What happened!!!” The car driver asked
“Someone there, someone is pursuing me, trying to kill me” Raphael replied shaking.
“Oh no, get in already” The car driver said and Raphael entered through the door.
“Thank you sire” Raphael said as he sat.
“Is okay”  The driver replied,
The car drove for a while then suddenly it stopped.
“What happened?” Raphael asked.
“Do you really think you can run away from me?” A husky voice asked…

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Chapter 6
Raphael was surprised, he was very sure he left Jack in the car, maybe it was all hallucination.
But just then Jack turned back. “aaaaaahhh” Raphael screamed, then Jack transformed,
“For the last time, I’m gonna end your Life Bro” Jack said while Raphael begged…
Steve heard Raphael screamed.
“Raphael hanged on, I’m coming” He screamed as he drove furiously towards the direction of the voice…
“Your friend will come to see your dead body” Jack said, everywhere in the car turned red, the dragon sign of Jack head became visible as it reflected on Raphael mind. He could feel affliction of other people in him. Slowly he gave up as the affliction increased. But suddenly, the car door opened, Jack turned back to see a young boy clothed in white standing before him. He could sense a higher power in him.
“Who are you” He asked the boy…
Lucifer flew towards the paradise. He looked around and saw some cherubim guarding around.
“Everything haven’t changed, just the lower angels are in charged hahaha” He laughed.
“Well I think I miss this place, hahaha soon, everything will be mine. Just need to get rid of that Michael” He said as he move towards a cherubim.
“Hey little bro, how’re you” He asked, the cherubim looked at Lucifer, then the memory of the great fight came flowing back into his mind.
“Hey Lucifer, What are you doing here” The cherubim asked with a frown face.
“Calm down baby, I wanna see Michael” Lucifer replied also looking stern.
“You’re forbidden to enter here since the day you rebel against Father” Another Cherubim asked bringing out his sword.
“Hey calm down Cruiser, I taught how to fight remember” Lucifer said with a smile.
“Yeah I remembered that, but I’m pretty sure you taught how to wipe your rebellious lass” Cruiser said smiling, infuriating Lucifer who retaliated with a punch.
“Step back” Other Cherubim flew towards Lucifer, each armed with a flaming sword.
I’m not scared of that” Lucifer said bringing out his own sword.
Just then Michael walked in with two other lower angels. “What’s going on here” He asked.
“Hey dear bro” Lucifer said with a evil smirk.
“Lucifer!!!” Michael called gnashing his teeth…

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The Beginning of the end (Wrath of Lucifer)
Chapter 7
Jack could not believe the door was opened; he closed it with his power. It was unbreakable.
He look at the young boy before him, he could sense a higher power in him.
“Who are you” He asked
“I’m Daniel” The boy replied, a rosary could be seen in his hand.
“What’re you doing here” He asked but Daniel seems  to be possessed as he could be seen with his eye closed chanting some unknown word.
Suddenly, Jack could feel some sensational burning, his body was on fire.
Knowing He can’t battle against the young Daniel. He disappeared and immediately Daniel also disappeared.
Just then Steve drove in.
“Raphael” He shouted as she saw Raphael lying weakly on the ground with blood gushing from his mouth. Quickly he carried him into the car and drove off.
“Lucifer” Michael  gnashed his teeth
“Why brother aren’t you happy to see me” Lucifer said teasingly.
“What are you doing here. You aren’t allowed here anymore” Michael said angrily
“I came to finished what we started” Lucifer said as he brought his sword.
“Very good then, Let’s take the fight up to the sky” Michael replied, spread his wing and flew off.
“Hahahaha” Lucifer as he flew off.
Michael stood on a stone awaiting the arrival of Lucifer, he felt something behind him. Turning back, it was Lucifer about to strike him.
“Foul beast” Michael said as he defended the strike with his sword.
“Take it easy Michael, it’s gonna be easy like that” Lucifer said smiling as Michael rushed with sword attack.
“Remember I’m the prince of Tyrus” Lucifer said as he sends lightning bolt towards Michael.
“That was before” Michael said deflecting the attack with his sword.
Michael charged towards Lucifer grabbing his horn, he threw him a kick which Lucifer dodged swiftly.
“Aaaargggh” Michael screamed as Lucifer slashed him with a hidden knife but it healed immediately due to his regenerative power.
“I knew this better” Lucifer said as he brought Radias, A sword which can penetrate in angels.
“I knew this will happen”  Michael said as he did a backward roll dodging the strike of Lucifer.
Lucifer charged at Michael with the sword, striking periodically, but Michael was able to dodge all the strikes.
“Take this” Lucifer said as he throw a chain of death towards Michael but Michael cut it off with his sword.
Lucifer  cast a dark spell on Michael sending him flying down. Immediately Lucifer spread his wing and flew after him slashing Michael as he fell down.
Michael fell down hitting the floor heavily with blood gushing out of his head. He was healing slowly.
He looked at Lucifer with anger.
“Many years, no angels have unleashed the sword but now I’m gonna unleash it” He said angrily. “Sword of Light” he shouted and a two edged sword appeared flashing with great light. Lucifer was able to recognize the sword.
“Oh no!” He said as he moved backward.
“Scared are we Lucifer” The cherubim Cruiser asked as he blocked him from behind…

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