(Gem Users)
The other Gem users arrived but couldn’t see due to the red colour of the area
Diamond: we can’t see any damn thing.
Lightening: The man must be strong to be able to release this
Death felt presence of other people
Death: Hmmn, seems we’ve visitors
He dropped his sword and using his super vision power. He located the other gem users.
Silver seeing Death been distracted dashed him a powerful blow.
Death: Awwwn
He fell down and the red colour disappeared.
Wind: Silver!
Silver: Wind!
They embraced each other emotionally but suddenly a Boom sound was heard.
It was death. He grew bigger as his wings enlarged in size
Death: Hahahaha, no one can stop me
Diamond: Are you Guyz ready
Others:  yeah
Diamond: Let’s do this….  Time freeze
But surprisingly it has no effect on death. He dashed a punch at Diamond which sends him flying. Others charged at him but he repel them with fire balls
Death: This won’t last long (He said though was still using just 5 percent of his power.)
Using his power, he was able to summon a magical wind.
Death: Winda silvacus
He chanted and immediately a dark aura surrounded them. Silver could perceive it.
Silver: Impossible! The wind of death
Others: What!!!
Death: Hahahaha, feel the agony, light of hell.
The gem users were weak, they gave up slowly only Silver was still up.
A blast was heard, Death was caught unaware, as he fell down heavily, Silver could see a blurred image of a man in front of her. Suddenly everything turned blackout…
She dashed a lightening punch at her; blood could be seen gushing out of her mouth.
Wind: Mummy
Wind watched as her mother was beaten by the masked man.
she ran towards her, she was too young to control her power. Her full power was unleashed due to her anger. The temperature of the arena was decrease that an ordinary man could turned to ice immediately, the whole ground was covered with ice, Wind was blowing fiercely.
Suddenly, the masked man turned and noticed her.
Masked Man: Mutant!!!
He walked towards Wind, his red eye could be seen through the mask.
Wind’s Mum: Run Wind, Run away, protect the sword.
She hold the masked man leg as she asked Wind to run.
Reality dawn on wind, she can’t match the masked man. She let go of her anger and took to her heels.
Suddenly, she heard her mother scream, turning back. She saw her mum in a pool of blood with a knife drove in her stomach.
Wind: (Scream) Mum!!!...
Wind’s Mum: Run away wind, protect the sword…
Wind jerked up, it was all a dream but everything looked so real. She looked around to see the room was unfamiliar.
Wind: Hey guyz wake up…
She shook the other gem users up.
Nature: Where are we
He ask with a start. Then they noticed there were tied down with web.
Silver looked up, she noticed the room was built; She was lost in thought, until a voice jolted her from her reverie. It was a man
Man: Welcome to the Spider web…
The legendary sword continues
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