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I"m Glad to have you

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Ok guyz... Laughing Very Happy Smile
I composed this song for you guyz and I'm sure you won't wanna miss it
**I'm so glad to have you**
Composed by Daniel
Though beauty faded day and day by
Though flower wither everyday
But your love for me never faded
I'm so glad to have you
When at first I felt your love
I feel deep refreshed inside me
No much love could be greater
Than the one you have for me
I was lost in awe of your love
And I'm so glad to have you


Day by Day, I see no one like you
I wondered how this could be so
Through the trees, I wandered for your loves
I'm so glad to have you


When darkness seems to overwhelm me
When claws of tribulation prevail
Your love had made me overcomer
I'm so glad to have you


I have seen no love ever greater
Than this love you have for me Lord
For you to die for me as Saviour
I'm so glad to have you
Thanks for reading lol! study

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