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Last night was lit. That simple phrase was all
she needed to utter and my attention was
seized. I was fully distracted. I was busy but
the way she started the gist got me. No, she
wasn’t talking to me in particular but she was
loud enough.

”I haven’t had the kind of fun I had last night. It
was massive. Even the places we visited,
especially our final destination of the night. If I
was told I would be visiting them anytime soon.
The neighborhood is highbrow, every edifice
was tastefully built. They are some kind of

I counted nothing less than twenty girls already
positioned in different angles of the posh
compound. Some dancing, some simply sitting
down and gulping some drinks and some
‘pinned’ to the wall. They were all clad in some
familiar outfits, those killer outfits that leave
nothing for your imagination. The guy who took
me there and whom I was meeting for the first
time appeared to be popular in that circle. His
arrival disrupted activity albeit shortly. All eyes
were on him and me as we strut the garden to
the corner that had more number of guests. I
love everything my eyes fell on. This is the kind
of environment I need to be associated with
and the caliber of men I need to be associated
with not the one Naira boys that will come with
truck load of promises. Mehn, I ate, drank and
danced as if I had known this guy and his guys
forever. I was totally sold to the moment.

I think I overheard our host mention something
in the line that should there be need to make
use of a room, that he had prepared about 3
of them for our convenience. I didn’t pay
attention and it didn’t cross my mind that I
might find myself in the room either. However,
I noticed some of the guys disappearing from
the garden their ladies and reappearing 30
minutes later, looking exhausted and
uninterested in the music and other activity.

Soon it was my turn, ”my guy” whispered that
he would like to gist with me in private, he
didn’t allow room for questioning as he put my
palm in his and led me towards the building
everyone seemed to be visiting. We came out
two hours later to see the place half empty. I
did not know I had bruises until this morning
when the quantity of alcohol in my system had
gone down.”

I didn’t want listen to the rest of the gist once I
understood what she meant by her ”night was
lit.” I pushed open the door and walked past
the two ladies discussing their sexual
adventures with total strangers. When I turned
to look at their faces, I could tell they were
wondering how much of their gist I had listen

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