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The Clash of Gods (Battle for Justice)

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Ok you read the season 1 of the Clash of Gods. Now I'm posting season 2 which is subtitled (Battle For Justice) Sit down, get a soft drink to cool yourself down as you read the story  if you miss season 1 you can follow the link /t49p15-clash-of-gods#201..thanks.

 Jeff know who he was but Unknown to him Henry is in way faster than him in preparation. Is he really going to face this great king Henry. Do you think he wil surely win... Find out in THE CLASH OF GODS(Battle for Justice). An action story or maybe an action movie(lolz)
 Same characters with season 1 new characters will be specify
 SEASON 2 EPISODE 1 stil loading...
 (Battle for Justice)
 Henry was in a large hall
 "Henry" A voice called
 "Yes my lord"
 "What's slowing down the progress of the Work I sent you"
 "Nothing We are still preparing for thewar tagged VALENCIA CITY WAR 1"
 "Hmmn preparing for it is not enough The chosen one is ready" The voice said
 "What, is he ready"
 "Yes, Remember time and tide wait for man" The
 "Yes Lord Hekate"
 "Also Remember.Have mercy on no one cos there have no mercy on the Slight mistake I made. They(The gods that created Valencia) caged me in this world but When I'm release from this agony They will smell pepper cos I will destroy Valencia and other city they created with no one stopping me. It's time to go, go and stop preparing all you need to do is to hunt down the CHOSEN ONE go remember Lord Hekate is with you"...
 Henry woked up with a sigh...
Episode 1 loading soon

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 Jeff kept running till He reached the chief priest house.
 He knocked and a lady opened the door
 "Good evening I'm Jeff and you" Jeff greeted
 "Evening my dear I'm Kusandra" Kusandra replied
 "Nice to meet you miss Kusandra"
 "The pleasure is mine"
 They moved in after exchanging greeting
 "Pls can you help me called Mr. Daniel and the other man" Jeff pleaded
 "You mean the chief priest" Kusandra asked
 "Oh they are here" Jeff said as he looked up to see Daniel and the chief priest coming out of a room
 "Small boy you are back" Daniel said
 "Excuse I'm not small boy my name is Jeff" Jeff corrected
 "Alright Jeff what are you doing here" Daniel asked
 "I want to ask for you guys help in defeatinhg my foster father King Henry" Jeff said as the chief priest grinned widely feeling happy his plan worked. He disguise himself as an old man earlier so as to convince Jeff.
 "You mean you are king Henry son" Kusandra asked
 "No I am Jeff, King James son the real heir of Valencia" Jeff repied
 "What" Danieaniel and Kusandra shouted in unison.
 It took Jeff time to narrate everything and how mother died.
 After listening to Jeff plight, They all feel sorry for him. Even Daniel took time to narrate how he met James and how he (James) sacrificed his life for him. Jeff bursted into tears as he listened to Daniel tales.
 "I can't wait to start training" Jeff said as his mind was boiling with anger
 "No Jeff, you can't rushed like that otherwise you got yourself killed" said the chief priest talking for the first time
 "I can't wait to be powerful as King Henry" Jeff said
 "Don't be Over-Zealous with power. If you do so it will corrupt your mind" The chief priest said
 "But if I'm the chosen one why am not born with magic" Jeff asked
 "Wow Jeff you are a prodigy, Just the question I wanted you to ask" The chief priest said.
 "Now this is it, You are born with magic but the gods collected it from you at tender age all for a reason but the gene of magic is still in you that is why according to your story you master magic inone day. What took people many months to master. But don't worry we will talk about how to regain your lost magic tomorrow" the chief priest explained
 "Hmmn It seems you know so much about me" Jeff said staring at him
 "Are you forgetting that I'm the chief priest" The chief said jokingly
 "Oh yea you are right" Jeff replied
 "Now Daniel show him his room" The chief priest said.
 Daniel stood up and show him the room. They help Jeff settle down in his room.
 Jeff said and falled asleep. Minutes later He drifted to dream world...

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(Battle for Justice)
Season 2
Episode 2
Jeff was dresed in a warrior cloth with his dragon on his back, 200 warriors following him 
"Attack" He shouted and VOOM!!! his warrior ran forward and BOOM!!! they fall inside a pit of fire.
"Whaaaaat" Jeff exclaimed.
"Don't be surprised" He turned back and saw King Henry men holding Daniel, Kusandra and chief priest with sharp sword placed on their neck.
"Surprise, Suprise" King Henry said grinning widely.
"Let my friend stay out of this" Jeff shouted
"Easy Jeff It is simple you just have to send away your dragon and surrender yourself" King Henry said 
"That can never be done" Jeff shouted
"Hahahaha you have 10 seconds to decide and don't try to use magic" King Henry said
"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, six, seven, eight, Nine, Ten" King Henry said and immediately his men raised up his sword
"Noooooo" Jeff shouted and woked to see Daniel looking at him as if he killed someone.
"Why are you starin
g at me like this" Jeff said Jokingly
"Tell me who you are talking to" Daniel asked
"So you mean I am talking" Jeff asked
"No you are talking you are Crying" Daniel joked.
Jeff took a pillow and threw at Daniel
"That is for abusing me" he said laughing
"We shall see" Daniel said and carried 3 pillows and tried to throw them at him but Jeff ran out.
"Way to the bathroom pls" He asked Kusandra
"Straight down there" Kusandra replied
"Thanks" Jeff said and rushed to the bathroom.
He took his bath hurriedly and wore his dress.
He came out in search of the chief priest but couldn't find him. He sighted Kusandra and Daniel afar sitted on a couch.
He tip-toed towards but they could not noticed cos they were lost in their romantic world
"Well, well, well What do we have here, the best romantic couple In the world" Jeff said interrupting them
"Woah Jeff you looked cute in your new clothes" Daniel complimented
"Thanks buddy where is the chief priest" He asked
"Just in time" He heard someone said, he turned back to se

e the chief priest
"Where have you been, I've been searching for you" Jeff asked
"Doing something but are you ready" The chief priest asked
"More than ready" Jeff replied happily
"Let's go" The chief priest said and led him to a room. Where he gave him a new sword and and a new shield
"I don't think I how know how to handle it" Jeff said
"Don't worry you gonna be taught" 
The chief priest said
"By who"
"you asked too much question boy Keep your power and strength for what is ahead" The chief priest and Jeff nodded positively.
He dressed up Jeff with the sword and shield.
"You look good in your amour" The chief Priest complimented
"Thanks, Can we go now" Jeff asked
"Yes lead the way" The chief priest said 
"But I know not the way" Jeff said
"Then follow your instinct" the chief priest replied
"Okay"Jeff said and lead the way without saying a word. 
Silence lingered as they pass by the road as Jeff kept his mouth shut and didn't look back at the chief priest but he followed his instinct.
They kept moving till till they reached a Y-junction.
"stop" the chief priest shouted
"I can't go any further cos I am not allowed to pass through, the journey is yours and yours alone. I'll wait for you here" The chief priest said.
Jeff sighed about look at the junction.
He noticed that they are different. The one at his left side was a wide and broad road While the one right side was a narrow road.
Which way should I paas through. Jeff said asking no one in particular...

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 (Battle For Justice)
 :Writer: Joseph Daniel
 As Jeff studying the road he felt a sound in his breast pocket. He put in his hand in his pocket search of what brought the sound. He was not surprised when he brought out the compass left by the dragon cos he always take it to any where he is going.
 As he was bringing out the compass his hand mistakenly touch the tip of the compass and the arrow rotate 360 degree and pointed to the direction of the narrow way.
 "Wait is this thing Communicating with me" Jeff said asking no one in particular.
 He touched the tip of the compass again but the arrow still point to the same direction
 "Wait is this thing communicating with me" He said asking no one in particular.
 "well let me give it a try" Jeff said though he was skeptical about it "After all it's just try" He thought and moves toward the narrow path.
 As he moved exactly 4 steps He felt his two legs sinking. He looked down to see himself sliding down through an underground tunnel. How he came inside the tunnel was a mystery to him.
 After a moment of sliding downward. He felt his leg on something. He looked down and saw his leg on a tiny rope ladder. He hold the ladder firmly and climb down in a way he was facing the ladder.
 Immediately he stepped down from the ladder. it bounced back upward.
 "Gosh How am I going to go back" He exclamed and turned back guess what he saw... a Beautiful city
 "Woah" Jeff exclaimed as he behold the beauty of city.
 There are beautiful flowers and tree, beautiful waterfall infact everything about the city was amazing.
 "So another kingdom exist here and I never known" Jeff thought.
 He moved toward the waterfall and wanted to take off his clothes but he was interrupted by a loud screech behind him. He looked back but he didn't see anything. He decided to check out what could make such a loud noise.
 He moves toward the direction of the noise and sighted a large bird afar. He moves towards the bird. As he moves closer, he noticed it was not a bird but a dragon.
 And Yes The dragon seems familiar to him.
 "Daragon" Jeff called out as he remember where they met before
 "Brother" The dragon screamed as he saw Jeff and VOOM!!! He flew towards and carried him with his Mouth.
 "whoa" Jeff shouted as the dragon throw him up with his mouth and BOOM!!! He landed at the dragon back.
 "Put me down you silly thing" Jeff shouted hitting its back but the dragon ignore him and fully spread its wing VOOM!!! it flew off toward the sky.
 Jeff was afraid as the dragon jerked upward with full speed his heart nearly jumped to his mouth.
 "Where are you going" He asked as they were flying in the air.
 "Going for tour" The dragon replied.
 Jeff looked down and was shocked cos he never believe they could be so high in the air. His fear graduated to the next level.
 He hold the dragon tight
 "Pls take him back" Jeff pleaded
 "Hahaha, as you wish" The dragon said and make a barrel roll and flew down
 "Whoa" Jeff exclaimed as the dragon flew down.
 The dragon flew down annd made a loud screech as he stopped.
 Jeff came down breathing heavily
 "Hahaha You are really coward, how will you face king Henry if you are this afraid" the dragon asked
 "Pls can I ask you a question" Jeff asked
 "Yes go on" the dragon replied
 "Who are you really" Jeff asked throwing the dragon off balance
 "What do you mean" He (the dragon) asked
 "You called me brother earlier so who are you " Jeff replied.
 "Yea really I called you brother cos you are my twin brother" The dragon replied

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(Battle for Justice)
Season 2
Episode 5
"Who are you" Jeff asked the young boy
"I'm Daragon" The young boy replied
"You mean you are my real twin"
"yes" The young boy replied
"Brotherrr" Jeff said and hug Daragon
"Where will I get back my lost power" Jeff asked the giants
"In the cave of destruction, there you will regain your power but don't be Overjoyed cos no one has ever reached there and came back alive" The leader of the giants said sneering at Jeff
"Alright we continue from where we stopped" Jeff said and dismiss the giants
He hold Daragon hand and together they journeyed to the cave of destruction.
After a Journey of 4 hours. They reached a deep forest where there were only large hils and mountain and also trees. Jeff could feel something is not right as he perceived an odour.
"What's this smell" He asked but he heard a sound similar to a crash he looked back to see it was Daragon who fell down
"Daa... raa... gon" He said as he walks towards him but he also fell down and also Crashed on the floor. Just then four beast like creatures jumped down from a large hill and without saying a word carried them and PHEW they Jumped back to the large hill where Jumped down from. 
A long rope was seen on the hill they stood on.
Holding the rope very tight They(The beast - like creatures] swinged down to their village.
Jeff woke up when he heard his voice being called by an unknown person. He looked around to find out he was in a cell.
"Daragon" He called with the thought that he was beside him. But he couldn't find him.
"Jeff" A voice called but he couldn't see anyone.
"Who are you and where are you" Jeff asked.
"Jeff" The voice called again
"Who are you" Jeff asked angrily 
"Jeff calm down, concentrate" The voice said again.
Jeff sat down and concentrate He then notice the voice came from his mind (Telepathy).
Then the voice came again saying "Jeff it is me Daragon, calm down and speak to me through your mind just imagine it"

w can I do that" Jeff asked telepathically
"Good that's what you are doing already" Daragon said telepathically
"You mean you're hearing" Jeff asked telepathically
"Where are you" Jeff asked
"Look straight down" Daragon replied telepathically.
Jeff looked straight down but can't find him.
"Look deeper, you have microscopic vision" Daragon said and Jeff narrowed his vision and surprisingly he was surprised he could see clearly through a long distance.
"I can see... He said but was interrupted by a loud noise outside. Both he and Daragon looked outside to the direction of the noise.
In the cell they could see through the gate barrier. They were surprised to see the community of the beast jubilation
**Outside the cell**
The beast like creatures were Jubilating for an unknown reason then someone who looked like their king climbed on a podium.
"Hear o ye Inhabitant of mountain and hills community Jubilate and make merry cos It has been two years now that the prince of this community I.e the heir to my throne has been sicked. We consulted the oracle and it told to sacrifice the lives of two human beings in the pot of fire (He said pointing to a pot). The good news is we have seen two humans to use for the sacrifice"
"HO OH HO OH HO OH" the Creatures shouted in Jubilation
"Go and bring the humans" The king commanded and five beast walked towards the cell the Humans were imprisoned.
**In The Cell**
"They are coming Daragon we have to fight them" Jeff told Daragon telepathically
"C'mon we can't fight them they are too much" Daragon replied and added "There is only one way and that's..." he tried to say but was interrupted by the beast creatures who burst in and capture both of them.
**Outside the cell**
The beast brought Daragon and Jeff towards the Fire.
Sorry Human but I've to save my child... Throw them in the fire"The King commanded and they bundled Them(Jeff and Daragon) and threw them inside the pot of fire...

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(Battle for Justice)
BOOM!!! They threw them in fire.
Daragon being a dragon can survive a high pressure of heat. Therefore he use his body to shield Jeff and brought out his magical sword
"ANCIENT MYSTIC DRAGON" He chanted and his magical sword turns to wing and joined to his body. His body shape started changing to that of a dragon and also his body size. Till he finally became a dragon. A blow from him shattered the pot of fire into pieces making the Beast like creature shouted in confusion.
Quickly, he carried Jeff with his mouth and tossed him to his back in a way that maked him regain consciousness immediately.
"What happened" Jeff asked as he woke up to meet himself seated Daragon's back.
"Listen brother no time for question just sit right and watch out" Daragon said as he flew up higher 
"Alright got it" Jeff replied
"ATTACK" The Beast King shouted. And immediately some beast jumped on a very high mountain higher than a st

orey building.
Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! came the sound of Arrows fired at them guess what they were not ordinary arrows but Ice.
"Watch out" Jeff shouted causing Daragon and spew out fire which blow off the ice
"Woah that was close" Jeff said happily not knowing that was just the tip of the Iceberg
"Whaaaat" He exclaimed as he saw more Ice arrows from different direction.
"Faster Daragon, move Daragon" He shouted and Daragon flew high into but still the arrows followed with more Back up arrows on their way.
WHOOP an arrow hit Daragon wing making him turn back in anger and spew out a large massive ball of fire and BOOM the ice arrows were destroyed.
"Nice one bro" Jeff said rejoicing over their triumph
"Thanks" Daragon replied
"Where are we heading to" Jeff asked
"I should be asking you that" Daragon replied
"You have the compass"
"Alright" Jeff said and gave him the compass
"Only you can only the seal" Daragon replied and gave it back to Jeff.
Jeff touched the Tip of the compass making the arrow to rotatate 360 degrees as usual and the arrow point towards the direction of the east.
"Move towards the east" Jeff shouted
"I think I know this way, the way to TATARUS"
"WHAT!!!" Jeff exclaimed...

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Jeff was shocked at the mention of the name TARTARUS.
"Don't tell me we are going to a deep abyss where Wicked souls and Titans are kept" Jeff asked
"I think so" Daragon replied
The Compass shone red light indicating they've reached a specific spot and Daragon stopped
"Why did you stop" Jeff asked
"There is another route here" Daragon replied as he landed.
"So what am I to do now" Jeff asked
"We look out for the new route, let us split go this way while I go this way" Daragon said and they split.
**30 Minutes later**
"Daragon" Jeff called out as he discover a hole that look like an underground.
"Any problem" Daragon asked
"Come and check this out" Jeff replied.
"Could this be the new route" Jeff asked as Daragon studied the hole
"I'm not sure but I think so" Daragon replied
"Ok but you can't pass through this in your dragon form" Jeff said
"Yea that's why I'll have to change to my human form" Daragon replied and stood right

T MYSTIC DRAGON" He chanted and his wing detached from his body and turns to his magical sword. Slowly his body changed to that of a human till he finally became a human.
"Are you set" Daragon asked
"Yea" Jeff replied and they join hands together.
VOOM!!! They jumped into the hole holding hands.
"WHOAAAA " They exclaimed as the sink down into the hole.
After some minutes of what seems like an endless Journey they landed in an unknown cave. "Woah the cave of Destruction" Daragon exclaimed as he looked around the cave
"Woah" Jeff also exclaimed.
The cave was surprising. There was no door or any opening. Jeff looked around. The was a light that brightens the room. He also notced that there are finger print on each of the pillar of the wall.
"Hmmn" Jeff said and walks toward a pillar placing his hand on the finger print. He heard a sound like that of a moving vehicle
"What was that" Daragon asked but Jeff ignore him and walked towards another pillar placing his hand on the pillar The sound was heard again...

He moves towards the last Pillar and placed his hand on the finger print.
Immediately he placed his hand on the last finger print the rocks on the four corner(North, south, west and east) of the cave shattered and a gate emerged out of the ground.
"Woah" Jeff and Daragon exclaimed in unison as the gate opened without any external force.
The compass (Mical compass) shone yellow light and point to the direction of the northern door.
"Shall we" Jeff asked but was interrupted by a loud and thunderous voice.
"Where did you think you are going hahahaha" The voice said
They were surprised to see thousand of the wicked beast Cerberus charging at them in anger.
Quickly, Daragon started speaking with Jeff telepathically to prevent the Cerberus from hearing their plans
"Let fight them" He told Jeff telepathically
"I can't fight" Jeff replied
"I will defend you" Daragon promised
"Ok Thanks brother" Jeff said Telepathically.
Daraon let out a loud cry making the Cerberus to focus at him. VOOM He drew out his sword and ran towards The Cerberus slashing anything on his way.
"ARRGH" Cerberus shouted and ran toward him.
"Go brother" Daragon told Jeff telepathically
"I can't leave without you" Jeff replied 
"Go I'm coming, Go" Daragon replied.
Jeff moves toward the northern door according to the direction of the compass.
Immediately he stepped on the entrance of the door a Cerebus who saw him quickly alert the other but they were too late as Jeff entered and the door close and sank back into the earth ...

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Jeff entered the door and the door close.He noticed the door was somehow like a portal as He was been teleport to an unknown place through the door.
Jeff appeared in an unknown place. Immediately he appeared, the door that teleported him to the unknown land disappeared.
Jeff was shocked as he could not see any other in the unknown land except himself. The place looked scary. they were carcass and bones of human killed in the land.
"What could this be" Jeff thought
"Jeff" He heard someone call his name through the air
"Who are you" Jeff asked.
"Calm down Jeff I'm Lord HELIOS. Many years have I awaited your arrival in TARTARUS" The voice said
"You mean I'm in TARTARUS" Jeff screamed with horror written in his face.
"Yes my dear" The voice said
"Pls where are I cos I'm scared out here" Jeff said in fear.
"Calm down my dear or your soul will trapped forever in TARTARUS...
"Pls where are you now" Jeff cut in
"Follow the sound of the music don't be decieved by anything cos most things here are Illusion" The voice said and a cool music was heard.
Jeff followed the direction of the cool music till it led him to a place and the music stopped.
"Where were you" Jeff asked
"Look up" The voice said.
Jeff looked up and saw a thtone up very far away from the ground with someone sitting on it
"I know what thou seeketh CHOSEN ONE you sought for your lost power" lord Helios said
"Yes" Jeff replied
"I'm here to give you the power. Look around you, you will a large stone with a finger print" lord Helios said.
Jeff looked around and found the stone.
"Place your fingers on the finger prints" lord Helios said.
Immediately Jeff placed his hand on the finger print. The Six other lords that created Valencia appeared Joining their hand together with Helios' 
"WE THE SEVEN LORDS OF VALENCIA HAVE DECIDED TO RETURN YOUR POWER" They decree and ball of fire of power glowing intermittently came out of their hand and flow into Jeff body.
Jeff fell down with a loud cry.
Few minutes later he woke up
"YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR POWER JEFF, YOU ARE NO LONGER A HUMAN BUT A GOD" The lords said and they all disappeared.
Jeff stood up eye shone brightly like that of sun
"ARRGGH" He shouted causing a thunder storm.
Daragon battled with Cerberus but the more he kiled the more they increased.
He tried to access Jeff through telepath
y but an unknown power blocked him from accessing Jeff mind.
"Could it be that Jeff has retrieved his power" Daragon thought and tried to locate Jeff again but he got a sharp pain in his mind draining his physical energy due to the effect of the monstrous power in Jeff.
Weakly he fell down and passed. The Cerberus laughed and took him away to their camp.
Jeff could feel different powers flowing through his vein. He could hear footstep and scream of agony. Jeff was marvelled at his new power. He decided to find out where the sound was coming from so he followed the direction of the sound he kept moving till the sound became nearer he was surprised he could see through trees and houses.
Then he saw someone running towards him. The person looked abnormal in size and in appearance. Jeff was surprised that he could read his mind. He could read agony, fear,he read all his history, where he was born, his name e.t.c (Due to his power of telepathy has increase greatly)
The man ran toward Jeff and covered his face due to way Jeff eyes shone brightly.
"Help us sir" The man said and fainted probably due to toture...
Who should I help him first The man Kyle or Daragon He thought...

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