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Daniel stories series

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The cold winter came slowly. Three people could be seen walking by a road, with a hood on their face. Looking at the closely, one could see dangerous ammunitions with them. So obviously one could easily identify them as robbers.
They walked towards the gate of a house. “Knock, Knock” They knocked at the gate.
The sleeping gateman did not bother to check who is at the gate due to the influence of sleep. He opened the gate and immediately, he was hit by the back of the gun. He fell down unconsciously…
Chief Ebubedike was in his room discussing with his wife on how to initialize the sum of 100 BILLION Naira on their importing and exporting company. The 100 BILLION was a loan borrowed by the couple from a bank to invest on their company.
“Knock, Knock” A knock was heard on the door interrupting their discussion.
“Who is there” Mrs. Ebube asked in her usual sonorous voice. But surprisingly there was no reply.
When the knock became severe, Chief Ebube became afraid, This is not the first time of the robbers visiting them. It had always happened whenever he has a tantamount amount of money.
Fear gripped him, quickly he brought out his cell phone and dail the nearest police station number. Just then the thieves broke in. Chief Ebubedike dropped the phone on the bed with his mouth agape.
“Where is the sum of 100 BILLION naira that was brought to this house today” One of the robbers asked.
Mrs. Ebube thought the voice was familiar she problaby could have heard it many times but who could be under the hood.
Chief Ebube hesistated to bring the money but when a revolver was pointed at his head, He quickly brought out the briefcase under the bed.
“Whoa” One of the robbers said as he opened the briefcase “We are rich…” He was interrupted by the siren of the police vehicle. Unfortunately for the thieves, the police heard everything that happened due to Chief’s phone which was still on the bed.
“Let’s escape” one of the robbers said as the police intensify.
“Bring the megaphone” An officer said.
“We know you are in there and we are giving you one minutes to come out and surrender otherwise we bring out by force, your time start now”….
“What are we going to do now” One of the robbers asked.
“Chill guyz don’t you trust me” Another replied. He opened the door of a room leading to an underground passage. Mrs. Ebube jaw dropped
“One of the robbers must be someone really close to the family cos the underground passage was their family secret” She thought
“Pass through guyz” The robber said and they pass through.
One minutes, two minutes yet the robbers are not out. The police are tired of waiting.
“Go in and check who is there” An inspector commanded and the police officers ran in…
They checked the nooks and cranny of the room but there was no sign of robbers.
“Where are they” They asked chief Ebube. “There” Mrs. Ebube replied pointing towards the direction which the underground passage leads to.
“Follow them” The inspector shouted and the officers instead of taking their vehicle, took one of Chief Ebube cars and they pursue the robbers. They could see them from afar on a power bike and they trailed them behind…
“I’m taking 60 billion, why the two of you share the remaining 40” The leaders of the robbers said…
“No why don’t you take 50 and we share 25- 25” Another robber protested.
“Hands up, don’t try to run or I blow off your fucking head” The police voice interrupted them. The robbers were shocked, how did they locate them…
The robbers were arrested and the money retrieved. They were lead back to Ebubedike’s house. Immediately, Mrs Ebubedike heard the horn of a car. She ran out of the house.
The police came down with the three robbers.
“So those are the criminals” Chief Ebube asked as he came out of the room.
“Yes sire… I believe this is yours” an officer asked presenting the briefcase.
“Yes” Ebube checked the briefcase to be sure that the money was intact…
“So can we see the face of the criminals” Ebube asked …
“Sure… you can” An officer said and they opened the hood on their face.
“What” Mrs. Ebube and her husband shouted as they saw…
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What!!! Ms. Betty exclaimed as she saw her son, Daniel.
"So you have been the thief stealing my money with your friends. Lazy boy, officer arrest them...
And so the officers arrested them and at last their nemesis came...


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