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Although it has not been long Beatrice left house that morning, ken can’t stand the chance of waiting for her to come back in order to confront her. He was pacing up and down through the whole house thinking of what could have led Beatrice into such act, they have multi+ in all aspect of wealth, many cars, houses, and investments. Could it be that that Beatrice is a prostitute before ken married her? Or is that ken was not capable of satisfying her on sex? All these things kept running through ken's mind, he went to the sitting room and laid down on the chair, not so long to count he dozed off because he has been stressed since he heard the story.

The next few minutes was so fast to him, , he woke on hearing the wife's car horn, he came down from the chair and stand on the door that led to the staircase. Standing on the door he was thinking of how to attack his wife, in a jiffy of time Ken stood face to face with Beatrice who was busy greeting him as usual but he was not responding, Beatrice looked at him and saw the fiery look on his faced, she was marveled and transfixed, she tapped him on the shoulder and asked him who made him angry without knowing she was the one. Ken slapped her twice and asks her who Mike was, she tried to speak but she was short of words, tears rolled down her cheeks. She tried to control the tears but she couldn’t. Ken asked her for the second time who mike was but she could not give him any answer, Ken sent her out of the house with nothing not even a car or transport money.

Since Beatrice have no money on her she have no other option than to go to her friend Amanda. Amanda gave her money but the money was too small to take her to her father’s house, so she trekked for a long time before she entered a bus. When she got to her house, she saw her parents and narrated all that happened to them claiming she don't know anything concerning Mike .Her father went to Ken's house but the gatekeeper could not let him in, all attempt made by Beatrice to call Ken proved abortive because he ignored her calls.

After two months, Ken met and married another girl. The new wife was a troublesome, she would left early in the morning without keeping any food for ken and came back late in the night, When Ken confronts her she would tell him that she is a busy woman and not a house wife like her first wife Beatrice, this remark always threw Ken back down because he never thought that she knew he had married before.

Beatrice in the other hand was struggling to survive not having any hope to be the wife of Ken knowing fully he was a man of his word. It happened that one day a man came looking for Ken but he was not around but he dropped his number with the wife, when Ken came back he dialed the number and a male voice was heard, the man told ken that a man was involved in a ghastly accident and he requested to see him before he will be taken in for surgery.

When Ken got to the hospital, he found out it was his best friend Mark. Mark told ken that all he told him about Beatrice were all lies, this made ken so angry that he wanted to strangle mark but the doctors pulled his hands off marks throat, mark also told him that someone gave him money to do that, when he was trying to tell him the name of the person he gave up the ghost. Ken was in the world of confusion he blamed himself for everything, how could he have sent out a sincere and adorable woman? He should have investigated the matter very well before taking action, how could he face Beatrice and her family? And even if he succeeded in bringing her home, what is he going to do to her new wife or should he marry two wives at the same time?

Oh God what have I gotten myself into, he lamented. When he got home that day, he could not concentrate neither could he do anything, he drank himself in to a stupor, her wife tried finding out what the problem was but he keeps avoiding her. Early the next morning, he drove to the village and begged Beatrice and her parents for forgiveness but they refused at the first time but after a continues pleading by ken which lasted up to ten hours the family forgave him and he took the Beatrice home.

When they got home, Beatrice saw Amanda at ken's house, she thought she was there to welcome her, she ran to hug her but Amanda avoided her. These surprised her; a friend that has not seen her for a very long time was avoiding her. When Beatrice looked at Amanda's stomach she found out that she was pregnant. She asked her how? Knowing fully she was single when she left the city months ago. Ken told Beatrice that Amanda was the girl he told them he married. Amanda knelt down and begged Beatrice, she latter forgave her. After delivery Amanda handed the child to ken and left to return no more. Ken and Beatrice lived together forever.


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