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BROKEN - short story

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‘I’m too broken to attempt to fix you. I’m also
too tired to try.’ Yara screamed as the wind
buffeted her sideways to the foot of the
mountain where she landed heavily on her
backside, hitting her head on a pile of rock and

David looked down at her, the muscles of his
jaw working quietly. He began softly,‘ You’ll
continue running away from things and people
and emotions. Anything that does not cut your
definition of perfect, you’ll run away from.
You’d run until you eventually run past the one
who really loves you and then you’ll run into
the arms of who you think is your vision of
perfect. He’d do everything perfectly and you’ll
fall perfectly. And then when he has you down
under, he’d revert to being an asshole. He’ll
ride you and you’d regret every last mean word
you said to all the people who really loved you.’
By now he was screaming.

The end!

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