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The Dancing monster

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I walked to my mom's room, I've been tired of learning how to dance. I can't just learn how to dance well, I don't even know how to dance. Don't blame me, I'm just like that.

"Miranda" My mom called in a strict voice, I could sense anger in her voice.

"Yes mom" I replied rolling my eyes, I knew what she is going to say.

"Stretch your right hand" I stretched my hand and she opened my clothes revealing a mark on the right hand, It was just a star. My youngest sister had passed the star level, she is now in the crown level. She is with two crown symbols on her hand.

The star is the symbol for the lowest rank, it is given to the beginners who are still learning how to dance, it is followed by the moon symbol which is given to the amateurs, the rank after that is the crown symbol, the crown symbol is given to the professional dancer like my sister. The highest rank is denoted by the sun symbol, it is given to the professional dancer, I've never seen it with anyone before except for our king, the leader of the warriors.King Dominick

"Miranda" My mom called again, my hand still stretched. "When will you learn how to dance"

Yeah! That's it, Our community is called THE DANCING FIGHTER coz we are believe to be the strongest fighter in our country, no community has ever defeated us. Yes they can only defeat us when they learn our secret.

We dance in everything we do, cooking, singing, fighting and others, everyone in the community is believed to be a warrior, once anyone reached the level of the professional dancer, she is given the crown symbol and is believed to be a warrior.

A warrior! Yes a warrior, a dancing warrior. It doesn't matter whether you are a female or male.

My mom was a great dancer, I believed she would have reached the master stage if she didn't retired from being a warrior.

She retired because she reached the dimlight age, anyone who has reached the dimlight age is no longer fitted to be a warrior.

I was coached on dancing by my mother, she taught me the easiest way to dance but still I don't know how to dance. I just don't know how...


[adm]This story is under copyright[/adm]

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Episode 1

The town crier bell jingled around the community, immediately everyone became alerted my mom left her discussion as she quickly changed her clothes. She is one of the elders of the community and she has to attend every meeting.

"Make sure, you don't leave here" She told me as she was leaving. My younger sister was also dressed, she was also leaving.

"Sister stay here ok, don't go outside" She said as she smirked at me

Well don't blame her, the last time I went to the meeting, I was beaten by King Dominick's men. I don't know much about king Dominick but I knew he was a strict man who always stood by his word. He hate people who doesn't know how to dance. I knew he hate me because I've only a star.

I remember vividly how I was beaten by King Dominick's men but that isn't an enough reason to stop me from going to the meeting again, quickly I sneaked to the door and removed a key from the bunch of the key. Just then my mom walked out with my sister, taking the key with them, they locked the door.

I smiled, locking the door on me wasn't a problem coz I have the key, I waited for some watching them through the door hole until they finally left.

Then I took the keys, opening the door. I walked outside running through the bush path. I'm very sure my mom will be in the palace.

I stopped running immediately I reached the King Dominick Palace and hid myself in the bush.

I could hear King Dominick's thick voice in the bush. "My brother has finally escaped and all the warrior effort to search is fruitless, I want everyone to be vigilant. My brother Daniel is an evil and cunny person" He said and commotion started in the palace.

"You can all leave" He said and they dispersed, I wanted to leave but the urge to see the look on King Dominick face came over me. I walked closer to the fence around the palace trying to catch a look

"Where do you think you are going" A feminine voice interrupted, I turned back to see Gwen my worst enemy standing with a smirk on her lip.

Gwen was once my best friend but she turned to my best enemy after being beaten by king Dominick.

"What did you came to do here" She asked again while I glared at her

"How is that your concern?" I replied walking more closer to the fence but in a flash Gwen stood in my front blocking my way. She used the Ashred dancing manner. a fast dancing form to overtake me.

"The last time you came here, You are beaten mercilessly by King Dominick. Don't pushed me into reporting you again" She said with seriously. I looked at her as I remembered the pain I went through because she reported me to King Dominick.

"Idiot!" I shouted as I dashed her a glorious slap but suddenly I met myself lying flat on the floor with blood spilling out of my mouth. Oh not again, she used the Ashred dancing form.
"I'm going to bring you to King Dominick" She shouted.

King Dominick! Oh no That's death, I never believed Gwen was heartless until she reported me few weeks ago and now here she is trying to report me again. I remember vividly King Dominick's warning. Death
Yes It was death.
Gwen Walked closer to me, dragging me up.

"Pls Gwen" I begged but she wont listen, I have to do something. Quickly I shoved her hands away from me and ran away but I was stopped by a powerful blow hitting my chest.
"Aaaarrrggggh" I shouted but a kick closed up my mouth.

"Now come here" Gwen said as she tried to drag me up.

"She is not leaving" A voice interrupted her, holding her hands. it was a man in mask.

"Who are you" Gwen asked as the voice seems familiar...


[adm]This story is under copyright[/adm]

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Episode 2

He was an average man, his face covered with a mask, he wore a baggy trouser and a white shirt but there was somethingspectacular about him.

A ring.
The ring was only worn by warriors which means He was a warrior.

"Who are you" Gwen asked again but the man refused to answer as he tightened her grip.

"Ouucch" Gwen screamed, I pitied her.

"Release her" I said in a commanding tone.

"As you wish" The hooded man replied as he flinged down Gwen.

"Who are you" I asked but was interrrupted by a loud thud.

It was Gwen.
"Ashred Dancing wolves" she unleashed her animal spirit.

"This isn't a good idea" I shook my head but then I was stunned; The man entered the sage dancing mode.

Sage mode?
Yea, It was shocking. Only King Dominick can use the sage mode but who is this mysterious man.
Gwen was stunned as the man defeated her animal spirit without stress.

"Who are you" Gwen asked shaking but was struck with a powerful kick which sent her flying away.

"What the hell have..." I tried to say but suddenly He hold me and in a flash we disappear...

"Magic? He has magic? Yes he does" I thought as we appeared in the bush behind my house.

"Who..." I wanted to ask but then the man removed his hood, standing before me was king Dominick Brother: Daniel

"Ssssh" He said placing a finger on my lip and I nodded gently

"The King has searched everywhere for you"

"I know" Daniel whisper " He knew I will reveal his secret"

"Which secret"

"I can teach what you hope for"

"Really, I can never dance" I said frowning my face.

"Yes you can" He said. "You'd begin practice tomorrow."

"I can't" I said but then the man was gone.

"Seriously I can't dance" I said "Who are you talking to" A voice interrupted me from behind.
It was my mom.

I sighed, This is going to be one hell of a day...

[adm]This story is under copyright[/adm]

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Episode 3

I looked at my mother smiling,

"Mom" I said in a whisper as I glanced at her.

"What are you up to this time" She asked giving me a naughty look.

"Nothing" I replied sharply as I dashed inside.

Joy flooded my heart finally I will learn how to dance, tomorrow is gonna the best day in my life.

Slowly, Darkness crawled into the sky, Night came unaware. It is time to sleep.
I believed others were sleeping.

Sleep? I can't, I was overjoyed, but then I could heard the rustling of winds behind my window and then footsteps. I looked outside. It wasn't dark there, the moonlight shone brightly through my windows but I can't see anyone

"Who is there" I asked rhetorically

No response!

I tiptoed to my mom's room, She was sleeping soundly and so was my sister.

Walking back to my room, I saw something scary.

A shadow walking across my bed.
I have to do something but what?

The shadow was walking towards the door, I hid myself carefully behind the door and just then my foot touched something.

My mother Pestle!!!

Just the right weapon" I thought as I picked it up walking stealthily towards the shadow, I raised up the pestle and with great force I brought it down.

It broke into two!

"Calm down Miranda, you're not gonna break my head" The familiar voice said.


"What the hell are you doing here at this time" I asked quietly trying my possible best not to wake my mother.

"There is something you need to know"

I looked at him suspiciously. What the hell am I doing with this man.

A wanted man!!!

"I'm not going with you" I replied bluntly

"Do you really wanna learn how to dance" He asked surprising me with his question.

"Yes I do"

"Then follow me"

"But..." I tried to say

"No but... Obey your tutor" He said with a smile, his hand stretched forward

"Ok" I replied taking his stretched out hand Then I realize something.

"How did he came in" I wanted to ask but he brought out a medallion throwing it outside the window a great light appeared. Holding my hands, we flew towards the light.

It wasn't a light as I thought. It was a portal!!!
Daniel smiled as we both disappeared.
King Dominick walked swiftly into his inner chamber. He couldn't believed he lost again to his brother.

The ancient crystal!!!
It was gone!!!

Only Daniel can do that! He wasn't dead Yeah! Daniel wasn't dead. He is somewhere out there hiding.

"Not a step further" A voice told Dominick, He stopped abruptly and above him was a man who looked like him

But there was something different about them, It was the horn.

The man dressed in an ancient warlord clothes armed with a sword have a horn which made him a beast like but not only the Horn, He also have a wing...

"You lose to your brother again huh?" He asked

"No my Lord" Dominick replied trembling.

"Scared, No don't We are one remember. I am you and you are I. We are Dancing monster" The man said with a grin as Dominick nodded foolishly.

"I can't find Daniel" Dominick told the man who looked the same like him.

"Daniel? So he survived my magic huh? "

"Yes he did, He has grew powerful he took the crystal with him" Dominick replied.

"The crystal! Then I know where he is, The palace of destruction" The man said and Dominick stared at him in awe...

The portal closes as we appeared in a town, It wasn't dark here, I surveyed the land with my eagle like eyes.

Dead bodies can be seen all over, the houses there were all destroyed.

Daniel was quiet still holding my hand, We walked into a half destroyed house which looked like a palace. Then I became scared.

"Where are we" I asked.

"A land where dance is originated" He said frankly

"Where" I almost screamed.

"The palace of destruction"

[adm]This story is under copyright[/adm]

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Episode 4

"The palace of destruction" I asked rhetorically.

"Yes" Daniel replied smiling.

What the hell am I doing here, I ought to be in room sleeping  but here I am in another world with a man who claim he could teach me. Nah that seems absurd.

"Why am I here" I asked Daniel keeping a straight face.

"To save my brother"
It sounds like a bombshell in my ear. Why would I be the one to save King Dominick; A king that want me dead; No that's impossible and beside what the hell is wrong with him

Different thoughts ran through my mind.

"Why should I save your brother" I shouted in a tone of confusion.

"And what the hell is the crystal stone doing in your room" He replied shouting on him.

He shouted! Yes he did.

"That is rather harsh" I thought but which crystal stone is he talking about,

"I didn't take any crystal stone" I confronted.

"I bet you did" He replied bringing out a crystal stone. "What do you think I am doing in your room earlier"

"How did you..." I asked staring at the crystal stone.

It was a gem stone. I saw in a palace days ago when I sneaked into the palace chamber planning to
attend the warrior's meeting but then I lost my way in the palace court as I went to the wrong room and in the room, I saw the Crystal stone.

I stole the stone but I wasn't a thief, I just followed my instinct but I  can't forget the beating I recieved from the King's men that day. Though they were unaware of the missing crystal but I was punished for coming to the meeting unaware.

"I can't save your brother not after he almost killed me" I shouted in horror as I remember everything.

"Believe me that's not my brother, he was under a control" He said blasting me with his speech.

"Under control? Of who?"

"The dancing monster"

"Who the hell is the dancing dancing" I said  but before I could finish my speech, Something blasted me but Daniel was fast as he caught me before I could fall.

"What's happening " I asked as he ran towards the half destroyed palace.

"he is here" He said still running


"The dancing monster" He said and immediately he finished the word; someone flew down. It was King Dominick but he looked different.

He has a wing and horn.

Daniel stop abruptly, his gaze focused on the Strange Dominick.

"Daniel; Daniel little brother wassup" The man said.
Daniel spat out.

"You are not my brother monster; Don't pretend to be one"

"I knew it's with you. Where is the crystal? The strange Dominick said.

"Crystal huh? Why are you looking for the forsaken crystal" Daniel retorted angrily. "Are you afraid to be caged again"

But then a whirlwind carried Daniel throwing him down from a far height.

"LIsten brother, I'm not here to play. Where is the crystal?" He asked again  but Daniel smiled at mean looking Dominick.

"You will never get the crystal"

"Hey you" I shouted at the strange man who directed his gaze at me immediately

"What do you want" I asked again but then I felt my legs leaving the ground, I was lifted to meet the Strange man.

"I recognized you girl" He said with a smile. "You are the intruder at the palace Hahahaha" He said and spat on me. "What are you doing with him"

Daniel flew up to meet us. " Hey she is not part of this, you know. If I were you I won't hold a little kid like that"
"Are you threatening me" The  man said but suddenly stop; He then smile sheepishly at Daniel.

"You've a race to catch" He said and immediately threw me down.

I screamed as the ground seems closer but to surprised Daniel was up there looking at me, He didn't come to catch, he left me .

I screamed loudly but then I met myself bounced down on my bed through a portal,

It was Daniel. He opened the portal to my room

I smiled, It was funny I was in my room again...


[adm]This story is under copyright[/adm]

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Episode 5

The thought of Daniel did not leave my mind; I knew he would be battling the strange man.

"But why is king Dominick with a horn" I thought trying to stay awake but I couldn't fight against the law of nature. My eyes close gradually in sleep. I lay on my bed in process of sleeping but I felt something sharp shook me behind; I turned back sharply and behind me was the crystal.
The crystal; How did it came here, Minutes ago It was with...

"Oh no" I shouted as crystal shone brightly. "Mom not see this"

I hid the crystal in between my clothes to reduce the intensity of the light but then a whirlwind carried me to the bed and I slept off...


Daniel faced the strange Dominick as both were standing a few metres above the earth.

"Where is the crystal" He asked again; Daniel scoffed.

"It isn't with me; I didn't hold me" Daniel said with a grin.

"Let's see"

Dominick horn shone brightly and as expected the crystal also but it didn't
The crystal isn't with Daniel.

Then who has it?

"Brother I'm very sure you had the crystal; Where do you keep it" Dominick said as Tornado waves carried Daniel closer to him.

"You will never find it" Daniel replied; a smirk on his lip; he disappeared.


The ray of the sun reflected through my windows; The cool wind; The pleasure i derived in sleeping never wanted me to stand up from my bed but I knew a few minutes now my mom will be in my room.

I stood up remembering all that happened during the night but it all seems like a dream to me.

"Good morning ma" I greeted as I sight my mom coming towards my room.

"I can see you are awake" She replied.

"Yeah I am" I said as my mom looked at me; the towel on my chest could signify I'm heading to the bathroom.
Few minutes later; I was back.

Putting on my clothes; I head to the sitting room where I met my food on the table.
Without a word; I took the food eating it in a rush.

"Calm down sis" My sister cautioned standing behind me. "You can eat but can't dance" She jeered at me.

I stood in anger, leaving the food, I could heard my sister's laughter behind me.

"Thank you sis" She said as she sit balancing before the food eating it in a rush.

"Where is mom" I asked her;

"In her room" She replied and immediately vomit the food in her mouth.

I smiled. Serves her right for eating my food not knowing it was still hot.

I sneaked out of the room heading to the rock where Daniel left me when he defended me from Gwen.

"Where did you think you are going" My mom voice interrupted me.

"Mom, I thought you were in your room"

"No I wasn't" She replied "Why are you thinking I was in my room, are you planning to sneak out."

"Yes... oh no eeerhmm I was thinking of visiting a friend"

"A friend? When do start having friend" She questioned.

"Mooom! Don't you want me to mix with people"

"Not that but remember your best friend Gwen betrayed you"

"Yeah I knew that; you don't have to remind me" I said as I walked out but I stopped turning back. "I will be back in a jiffy" I smiled and dashed out...


I ran towards the rock, looking around for Daniel but I couldn't find him. Walking towards the rock; I saw a hole, I turned to have a closer look but then I heard a voice

"Waiting for someone"

Daniel was standing behind me, his hand akimbo with a cute smile on his lip. He was clothed in a royal robes which made him perfectly handsome.

"I wanted to ask you some question. Why am I the one to save the king"

"Because you found the crystal".

"Crystal? "

"Yes; The crystal was the home of the dancing monster but not after my brother released it"

Dancing monster! The name sound familiar; Yes he was the strange Dominick who fought Daniel yesterday.
"Who is the dancing monster"

"Your father" Daniel said dropping the bombshell as i stare at me with my mouth agape...


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Episode 6

I was lost between a world of confusion as Daniel told me who the dancing monster was, I shook my head

"It can't possibly be my father"
He smiled, An expression of confusion to me.

"You know Miranda, there are somethings I can't explain but with time they will reveal themselves"

I nodded as an expression to show I understood what he's saying.

I sighed "How will I save the king when I don't knew how to fight oh! Dance"

"And that's what I'm about to teach you" Daniel said, entering the cave, to my surprise was a well furnished room.

He threw a blanket at me which I caught quickly.

"Let's start from the beginning" He said, a cool waves blew round us as our eye met.
"Long time ago before you were born, during my grand father reign. A farmer met the ancient evil goddess Eris  in his farm. Striking a deal with him, Eris  granted him dark magic more than his reach  thereby making him the first dancing monster,  a giant who feed on human" He looked at me while  I nodded to signify I was following.
"Your father was the leader of the warrior then. Taking the warriors with him, they fought ferociously against the dancing monster but none were able to conquer him, As if that is not enough, the dancing monster killed one-third of his army. but your father escaped narrowly.
The  king unaware of their defeat was seated in the palace awaiting the return of his soldier  but to his horror the dancing monster came..."


A uproar was heard as the dancing monster run into the city, people who would have alert the king were crushed by the monster.

The king was seated on the throne as a guard ran in breathing heavily.

"My Lord, The monster" He paused, blood flow freely behind, The king was marveled as the pillar to the entrance of the court was shattered. A cold wave blew around the him as he looked up in fear. The dancing monster stood in great valor, his claws buried in the guards.

"Weak mortals" He grunted as he removed his claws from the dead guard who fell weakly behind him.

"Groban" He called in a voice like a whisper. King Groban looked at him keenly with fear, he could not recognize the blood stained monster before him.

"Who are you" He asked, his heart beat could be heard from distance apart.

"I am Eris, the goddess of evil" she changed to a temple goddess "you must have seen my statue in the temple"

"My Lord" Groban bowed "Why the rampage, what do you want"

"What I want? I'm tired of living as a goddess, I want to live as human. turning this village to an evil world, where I and my subject will live"

"Never, I won't allow that" A voice interrupted the goddess, It was the great warlord Gordom Miranda's father limping, blood stain all over him but he hold the ancient crystal.

"How dare you challenge me  Mortal" goddess Eris said turning back to the dancing monster form.

"Your time of evil are over Monster TZEL PABAK TANNI MOR" Gordom chanted.

"The forbidden spell" King Groban gasped "Stop it Warlord" He shouted but it was too late, Gordom was covered with white light, stretching his hand to the monster, he drew out the energy casting it to the ancient crystal.

"The city of THE DANCING FIGHTER will experience peace again" Gordom said as he entered the farmer body, thereby making him possessed but still in control of himself

"Good bye my King" He smiled "GATE OF TARTARUS" He said as he opened a portal to Tartarus.

"No don't" King Groban said blocking his path.

"I have to do  this, the goddess will soon arise" He said,  his hand turn to claws, he was changing gradually, the crystal cracked opened waves of energy flow into his body. Seeing this King make way as Gordom walked into the portal bravely.

"Evil will be sealed in Tartarus forever" He smiled turning back to Groban. "Protect my wife" He said as he vanished gradually till no fragment of him was seen anymore...


I Stared at Daniel as he finished his story.

"This guy is crazy" I muttered beneath my breath.

"I heard that" Daniel smiled.

"Yes, you really are crazy, My father died to save the city and you expect me to do likewise huh" I replied.

"Yes because you found the crystal in which the monster power were captured." I frown as something came up my mind.

"If your brother is really the dancing monster why isn't he ..." I said.

"killing people" He completed "...I expected that" Daniel smiled.

"You are crazy, you know" I said as I hit him playfully.

"Yes, but he do... He killed the late Warlord.

"What" I said, my mouth opened.

"Yes, he do kill people every night" Daniel replied.

"That means he's gonna kill someone tonight"

"Got it" Daniel smiled

"Who" I looked at him, slowly the smile on his face turned into a frown, a cold wind blew as the room was filled with silence.

"Your sister" He broke the silence,

"What!!!" I screamed as I withdraw my hand from him.

Different thoughts ran through my little mind.

My sister, as in my younger sister, as in  my sister Tiara as in... "Oh no" I thought as my face depict horror...


[adm]This story is under copyright!!![/adm]

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