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PS trophies

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In pet society there are 15 different trophies each in 3 different versions (bronze,silver, and gold) making a total of 45 trophies.

Note: You will get 50 coins when you get a bronze trophy, 100 if you get a silver one, and 150 for the gold one,

Visiting friends
Pet About Town (Bronze) : Visit 25 friends
Vizer of Visits (Silver) : Visit 100 friends
Social Whirlwind (Gold) : Visit 300 friends

This you will get with time, if you want to get it faster you can visit your friends multiple times a day.

Throwing the ball
Playing Softball (Bronze) : Pass the ball 15 time in a row
Playing Hardball (Silver) : Pass the ball 30 time in a row
Pro Baller (Gold) : Pass the ball 50 time in a row
Play with the frisbee
Safe Hands (Bronze) : Catch the frisbee 10 times in a row
Kaiser of Catch (Silver) : Catch the frisbee 25 times in a row
Ultimate Frisbee Player (Gold) : Catch the frisbee 40 times in a row
Jump the Rope
Roped In (Bronze) : Jump the rope 20 times in a row
Junior Jumper (Silver) : Jump the rope 50 times in a row
Skipping Superstar (Gold) : Jump the rope 100 times in a row

Practice and more practice, there is not an easy way for this one, except you have a slow computer it will be easier.

Spend Your Money
Window Shopper (Bronze) : Spend 500 coins in shops
Mall Rat (Silver) : Spend 3000 coins in shop
Big Spender (Gold) : Spend 10000 coins in shops

This is really easy just purchase the stuff you want and you will get it, it doesn´t matter which shop you spend your money.


Cap Collector (Bronze) : Purchase 3 hats
Head Honcho (Silver) : Purchase 10 hats
Mad Hatter (Gold) : Purchase 30 hats

Shirt Collector (Bronze) : Purchase 3 shirts or dresses
Shirt Lover (Silver) : Purchase 10 shirts or dresses
Shirt Afficionado (Gold) : Purchase 30 shirts or dresses

Trouser Browser (Bronze) : Purchase 3 pairs of legwear
Racks of Slacks (Silver) : Purchase 10 pairs of legwear
Chino Supremo (Gold) : Purchase 30 pairs of legwear

Shoe Collector (Bronze) : Purchase 3 pairs of shoes
Boot Bvyer (Silver) : Purchase 10 pairs of shoes
Footwear Fetish (Gold) : Purchase 30 pairs of shoes

Arm Accessories
Arms Race (Bronze) : Purchase 3 arm accessories
Tangles of Bangles (Silver) : Purchase 10 arm accessories
King of Bling (Gold) : Purchase 30 arm accessories

You will be suprised just how quickly you get these but if you can´t wait then just purchase 30 of the cheapest in each category.

Gifts and More Gifts
Generous Gifter (Bronze) : Send 5 gifts
Selfless Sender (Silver) : Send 25 gifts
Santa Claus (Gold) : Send 50 gifts

To give is better than recieve, just send gift to your friend or do trades, you can always ask a trusted friend to send the items back to you.

Hedge Hopper (Bronze) : Win 10 races
Rooster Booster (Silver) : Win 100 races
Jet Jumper (Gold) : Win 250 races

You are allow to race 10 times a day, meaning that if you dont lose any race you will need 25 days to get the throphy, in the mean time practice to make sure you don´t need 100 days.

Begginer´s Luck (Bronze) : Bet on the winning pet 10 times
Better Better (Silver) : Bet on the winning pet 100 times
Lucky Star (Gold) : Bet on the winning pet 300 times

This is the hardest to get in my opinion, just bet 5 coins on one pet until you get the gold throphy.

Go Green
Eco Counscious (Bronze) : Earn 5000 ecopoints
Environmentalist (Silver) : Earn 20000 ecopoints
Eco Warrior (Gold) : Earn 100000 ecopints

Just recycle items you dont want anymore, you will need to recycle 50000 coins to get the gold trophy

sticker time
Sticky fingers(bronze trophy): Complete 5 sticker collections in bronze
You stuck it out(silver trophy):Complete 5 sticker collections in silver
Midas touch(gold trophy): Complete 5 sticker collections in gold

Ask your friends to send you stickers...its free!

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