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PS tips and tricks

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raphaeline wrote:
The Quickest Way (I've Found) To Visit Friends

A) Click the HUG icon when you visit (don't wait for the options to load on the screen - just hit the space where "Hug" pops up to skip the loading part).
B) As soon as the pets lean in to hug You don't have to wait, and you can immediately click the "Inventory" icon
C) When the seed dialog box pops up, assuming you're not sending a seed, double-click "Skip". (This will click on Skip to close the box and then click on the floor to close the inventory menu and go back to Friends. Sometimes you might have to click a couple of times if it doesn't catch on right away)

This way is easier on me since 1) sometimes my hugs are really slow and I feel like I wait forever for them to be over so I can click the dialog box that comes up after, and 2) nothing changes in my inactive friends' homes and having seen it before, there's nothing to check out in their home and no reason to really stick around

The little money-bag icon won't go away until you visit a friend and let the whole hug finish, and then all the icons that aren't really supposed to be there will disappear.

Hope this helps!

PS: Oh, and I usually do all my visits first and then go back and clean to make sure I don't run out of time to do my visits!

haha i found this out a little while ago too ^^
i also found out that you dont have to let the whole hug finish, if you know which pet is dirty then you leave it to last then clean it and the money bags will all disappear congratulations

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lea75 wrote:

Change the contents of a Mystery Box
This is a bit more tricky to do. Follow these steps to never over spend on mystery boxes again (please note that this can be time consuming!).

How to work around the GMB glitch fix in Pet Society:

1. Log in. While in your pet's house, go to "Tools" and Click "Work Offline"
2. Go the Mystery Shop & purchase a Mystery Box.
3. Go home & open your box.
4. If you like the item inside the box, go to "Tools" again and Click "Work Offline" to turn it off. Now "Save". (Remember to be ONLINE when you save or sell your item).
5. If you don't like your item, hit "F5" (to refresh). A pop-up box will appear - click "Stay Offline".
6. When the page turns white, click "Connect".

Now repeat Step 1. Sounds like a lot of fuss but once you get in a routine it's easy!

Ensure your Trees are Producing lots of Fruit!
You may find your tree has stopped producing as much fruit as it used to, this "Barren Tree Syndrome" can be caused by putting furniture in your garden. Simple to fix this, remove any furniture/shelves/toys or anything from underneath your trees. Give it a day or so, your trees should now start producing plentiful fruit!

Refresh Without Reloading!

I don't think this tip works anymore after ps did their maintenance prior to the birthday week.

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tweets wrote:
my tip:
if you don't have many friends (wich is kinda impossble for us congratulations ) or you have another account (something like a storage) when you run a race on stadium, in the crowd, the random pets sometimes have the next weeks clothes on them!

i noticed that when my friend, who just started then, ran a race, (i was there with her) just before the new years week, and some pets had the silver and gold party hats on!
i just googled it and there really is a glitch like that!

I dont have that many friends

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