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Update 29/01/12

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Server will be down (I don't know when) for the next "test" update. I'm waiting for Sharok or Flamix. If it works :

Here what's changing :
I might add more before the update.

    General :

  • Reverted to the other Group plugin.
    -I finally figured out how to make it work properly, everything is manual... I have to type every single commands and use my knowledge to understand almost every variables (I am not a programmer/coder). Did you know a builder could promote himself up to admin? Yep, they could now it's fixed -.-'
  • Edited Motd, Rules.
    -Guiding you to other commands.
  • Added /info, different for every ranks.
    -No it's not like /info in classic. It's some info about your rank.

    Ranks :

  • The rank Moderator is now functional.
    -Was just messy before.
  • The rank GameMaster is not colored Red instead of Maroon.
    -Let's keep the rainbow working here!

    Commands :

  • Added /tpa, /tpaccept and /tpdeny to Builder+
    -I received too much rage for this one. But I'm telling you, if this command is abused during wars, I will remove it.

    Bug Fix:

  • Moderators+ will now be able to promote
    -The other plugin didn't have any restrictions. Anybody who had the rank could promote anyone to any rank.
  • Promotions applies to LOADED worlds
    -Let's say player A was in the world AITM. I dicide to promote him to Builder. He would be builder in AITM but as soon as he would go to the nether or any other worlds, his rank would be reset to Novice.

    Other :

    This is not an update but some explanation on why I removed /back. I removed /back because when you die you could just type /back and take your items back. Yes I have nothing against that BUT if we decide to "declare" a war, and I kill you, you could just time /back take back your things and kill me.
    Keep in mind that you have other commands like /sethome. You can have up to 3 or 5 homes. Use that to your advantage.

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Not sure if its because of my rank but i can't use ANY commands. (im yellow err, white) also i noticed that a some what significant portion of Saint Ivalice has been reset.
- Hollow cafe and two other establishments i was working on are back at earlier stages of development.
- Saint Ivalice's "commons" as i like to refer to it as has also reverted to an unfinished state.
- Mikewater's house is just completely gone.
- minus a little bit of fence, my animal farms are gone.

These changes have eliminated hours of work, I would hope some measure of action could be taken to fix these changes or at least aid in restoration of lost progress.


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It's a 1 hour rollback if I remember correctly. The rank you guys have now is kindof broken.

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