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  1. No. no. no. this was already discussed in classic. Its: Becky and Xarai sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g. First comes love then comes marriage then comes divorce, and a cubic buttload of child support. then, 28 years later, comes their child becoming a serial killer due to the trauma experienced during the divorce.
  2. I knew it! I knew you were cheating on me!
  3. For those that it was tl;dr, just call him frog, frogman, or froggy
  4. I found some.... sexy(?) ladies that would like to meet you.
  5. fourth, [insert generic reason here]
  6. I've noticed there is a disturbing lack of Muse.. There, now all is right with the world :3
  7. I already explained, its 250 for the materials needed to make water bottles and then its 250 per ingredient. its really not that expensive.
  8. As I recall, you killed me because you wanted those two potions I had, even after i declared myself neutral... -.-
  9. Cow? *readies grill* We're eating good tonight! >:3
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