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  1. Not quite sure as to what my name is... Should be over there somewhere <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Just clearing things up... I don't get into this virtual romance stuff. That means you can stop, Matti. -.-
  3. For 1: I have no idea what any of that crap means. For 2: I never griefed it, I went through it and he said if he ever sees me again he would kill me and I left, but I never actually griefed anything.
  4. I just tried to log on to SMP and it says Im banned for a day, even though I was just on about 30 mins ago.
  5. After some stuff that happened yesterday, Ive decided to take a break from SMP. I think I am taking things way too seriously, and I need to get back to doing other things. Ill probably be back in a few weeks.
  6. So I log on to AITM today... and my side of our shared world is full of pikachus. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it was Apple, since the only people that can build in my world are me, Apple and expert+, and no expert+ I know would do this.
  7. I dont really know why i even thought of this. Banning is so much easier...
  8. I think the AITM Classic server should have a griefer rank that cant do anything, not even chat (if possible). it should be (obviously) lower than novice, and should have no access to Main or any other worlds. There should also be a spawn world for griefers, kind of like a jail, in which they cant even build, but they can still access it. That way, instead of banning griefers, you can just kick them, demote them, and when (and if) they log on to AITM again, they would automatically be spawned in this griefer jail. It might be even better off that way, because instead of just banning the griefers, you get to watch them be tormented by having no abilities whatsoever.
  9. I usually do /up playername and then just mash the 9 key... Lol
  10. I think artisans and adepts should be able to use /mute. They can already /freeze and /kick, and Adept can /ban, so why not /mute? It should be like /freeze and /kick, where artisans can only mute novices and adepts can only mute mason and below. With all of the activity on the server recently, there have been a lot of chat spammers, most of which we had to wait until it got really bad so ttat we could kick/ban them because no one expert+ was on. But I think that if this happens there should probably be some limitations as well, for example artisans can only mute someone for a max of 1 minute.
  11. Can you also whitelist my phone?
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