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  1. I don't want to be pushy about this and I know that kev is probably busy but my flags on IRC hasn't been set yet and at the moment I need another op to op me, atm Po is opping me but I am wondering what is the update on it?
  2. What I am saying is just for the artisans who wish to moderate if the rest just want to build well leave them be just focus on the ones who wish to moderate. Then what's the point of them having freeze and kick commands? we have two artisans now in lokitosan and awolninja and no one has told them how to moderate and they have expressed interest in modding but conkerxd hasn't so we leave him
  3. I know what you are saying but as volt says frogger taught him up and doom and volt taught me up. I not saying that we force them into it if they don't want to mod then leave them be as a builder just teach the ones who wants to be one. This is only a suggestion
  4. I was thinking about this a while now since I was a adept A Training world for artisans to help them to deal situations in modding As we are just promoting players into artisans and not really helping them. I know it won't stop abuse but least we limited it. As for the world well we just load it up when we need it only and then when we finish with it we unload it If you agree I make the world and add builds
  5. I have noticed that some experts like eeyle wants rookie+ to build in there respective worlds. Some player's of rookie+ are building in main, I found out that mostly they want to build with there friends who are still novices. I find funny as some experts (well it would seems like) don't like rookie+ building in main but yet I see Artisans building in main, I'm not being picky but I just find it funny
  6. I am fully aware that there is a new policy now but I thought if this We put the nick names on the forums with our original names like this: Macintosh = Applefreak197 Lostie = TheLostDarkness Poptart = Invaderpopz So if we have a miss behaving player we look up the forum to find out the name
  7. Well Chance was punished for the grief. Can I unban a player while they are IP-Banned?
  8. Dem is right when you are in a faction you have to share it and help out to benefit your faction, that's how it works. oh btw mike you can't accuse people without evidence it seems like whoever is stealing should be banned from the AITM server I do hope that you don't quit Dem because it seems whoever is stealing will be in the AITM server and the new faction Server
  9. Then why should we have a faction server if Aitm players steal from each other?
  10. Type: Promotion Name: Ben_Jammin_7 Date: 03/10/2012 Rank: Rookie > Pupil Reason: Promoted him on his cobblestone house I know it 's just a box with a TV in it, He has reach his build limit and he knows it, he hasn't griefed as far as I know but he has helped some people out. he isn't responsive much because, that I will tell you if you want to know PM me or ask me in staff chat
  11. I thought this contest is for everyone? Why is it that KSHB is not allowed to be in it? Yeh she isn't the greatest builder I agree but she should be judge just like the rest of the people who are in it She knows she at her build limit
  12. Po found this SMP server when our SMP goes down, the IP addres is: So far Po hasn't found any glitches, you can donate but you don't have to we're not We have a secret underground base we have no protection but the server does have town for protection but if we get our base big enough I think it turns into a town, for more info ask Po
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