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FeandFamen - Major Grief - Classic

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I logged on earlier this morning, and I was working on my castle in my realm, and a Novice joined, I said welcome, etc, and I never bothered to spec him as soon as he joined since I was almost finished my castle.

So, after about 5 minutes, I decided to spec him - I noticed as soon as I spec'd him, he had griefed ATLEAST 50+ blocks.
I info'd him, and his info was very suspicious; Built 21 : Destroyed 405 - I really don't like that.
I kicked him instantly when I saw him griefing, almost half of the Master Chief pixel art is destroyed, could somebody please take action against this? Thanks.

Proof & Info:

Blocks Built: 21
Blocks Destroyed: 405
Time On Server: 0.3 Hours(15.1 Minutes)

EDIT - I UP'd his grief (332 blocks) right after I posted this topic.



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Eeyle wrote:
So... What's his name? Can't do much without it.

Already banned and eeyle the name is in the topic

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