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How to play Petville

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PetVille love is required to level up
Playing earns you experience points (i.e. love) to level-up when completing tasks in the game such as 1) washing your pet and your friends’ pets, 2) cleaning your PetVille friends’ homes, 3) feeding your pet, and 4) playing with your PetVille neighbors.

Why PetVille neighbors are important
Adding more PetVille friends allows you to unlock certain items in the game and earn more coins and love points. Thus the more Facebook friends you invite to become your PetVille neighbors, the faster you can level up and the more money you can make in the game.

Gifting to PetVille neighbors
The game allows you to give both free and paid gifts. It is in your best interest to give often as it encourages your friends to do the same for you. Sometimes you may receive gifts you don’t need to other times you’ll be given gifts that you don’t have yet that you really need.

Helping your PetVille friends
Make it a point to visit your friends’ houses to gain more love points and coins by washing their pet, cleaning their house, and playing with their pets. In return, you friends’ are more likely to reciprocate these acts of kindness.

guide from: http://tomuse.com/

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