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    Designer: Whalebite Original Creator: Robbie, Hendrix, AD, ABC, Thom, feral designs, Toucan Corporation, BF, Zerosvalmont, and OS Requires: ZT2 Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: unknown Description: The Saltwater Aquarium Pack is a mini pack containing ten pre-made aquariums, many of them animated. zzzzz-Saltwater Aquaria.z2f
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    Designer: Tamara Henson & Whalebite Original Creator: The following people need to be credited for the use of their models and original coding... Hendrix for the European red fox (modified for the Eastern fox), tragopan (used to create the Heath hen), bat (used to create the flying squirrel), duck , and mongoose (used to create the sea mink) models. Jimmz Hoopaz for the bison and eagle model. Raulfpv for the opossum model and original coding. Samuel for the Adult pigeon model. Ulquiorra for the elk model and original skins. Whalebite, Chucha, Dn and Eryel for the pigeon squab. Zebrasorus for his unreleased raccoon files. Zerosvalmont for his dingo and hispid hare used to create the Carolina dog and cottontail rabbit Requires: All expansion packs, Aves, and the WNW Brazilian Porcupine (Coendu Brasilian). American Adventures is needed for the AA hack. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: Flying squirrel needs a shallow puddle of water to drink and both it and the Washington's eagle will not give birth in the boreal biome, make an area of temperate or grassland for them to breed. The Labrador duck's eggs do not show up in the family tree window but hatchlings do. Description: 13 species (six now extinct, six living, and one unconfirmed) native to the eastern United States when the forefathers first wrote the constitution. In addition to the new animals The Eastern Bison also contains a hack giving a white variant to the American Adventures bison and the Washington's eagle contains a hack that fixes several bugs in the AA bald eagle and replaces the adult skin to a first-year plumage in the young bald eagle. Screenshot: 1. Carolina Dog 2. Eastern Bison 3. Eastern Cottontail 4. Eastern Elk 5. Eastern Fox 6. Heath Hen remake 7. Northern Flying Squirrel 8. Northern Raccoon 9. Labrador Duck 10. Passenger Pigeon Remake 11. Sea Mink 12. Virginia Opossum 13. Washington's Eagle Hacks New Bald Eagle Young Skin White Buffalo Variant Carolina Dog.z2f Eastern Bison.z2f Eastern Cottontail.z2f Eastern Elk.z2f Eastern Fox.z2f Labrador Duck Remake.z2f Northern Flying Squirrel.z2f Northern Raccoon.z2f Passenger Pigeon Remake.z2f Sea Mink.z2f Virginia Opossum.z2f zzzzzzzz_Heath Hen Remake.z2f zzzzzzzz_Washington's Eagle.z2f
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    General Information Creator: Thom Expansions Required: none Bugs: None Extra information Description: Auto-sells the balloons you receive for animal births for $250. This doesn't work for balloons that were already present in your zoo prior to installing the hack! Bonus Features: Public Domain: ✓ Permission to reupload : ✓ zzzz_Balloon.z2f
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    Designer: Mondschatten & HENDRIX Requires: MM Language: Dutch, English, and German Baiji (Mondschatten, DinosaurMan).z2f
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    Author: Scooby Description: This hack file makes all staff completely free. Free Staff Hack.zip
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    Creator(s): Ulquiorra Original Creator(s): Blue Fang, AD Language(s): English Expansions Required : ES, EA Bugs (if any): Some distortion in there arms Credits (if any): AD, Lgcfm & Thom (model components), Verdant Gregor (node set), mjmannella01 (ZT1 sounds) Description (Optional): A Small pack containing the two famous bipedal cryptids, Sasquatch and Yeti. Contents: Sasquatch, Yeti, Yeti Cave, Tire Reskin and Tire Rope Pole. Public Domain? No Permission to Reupload ? Yes Original Models? No Original Sounds? Yes Baby Variants? No Baby Model? Yes Zoopedia? Yes ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZSasquatchYeti.z2f
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    General Information Creator: Thom Expansions Required: none Bugs: None Extra information Description: This hack keeps all guest needs satisfied without majorly impacting their behavior. Bonus Features: Public Domain: ✓ Permission to reupload : ✓ zzz_Happy GuestHack.z2f
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