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  1. hehehe (i just have a gf, but i can feel she's the one, but i'm not getting married, not yet ) emotional
  2. :mbounce: SIMLY AMAZING!!! To let everybody try on NIS/Rare clothes for no cost is terrific!! I also agree with the Safe Trade Referee Bell feature. Maybe the button you're talking about, when clicked, should send a PM to every Referee online with subject: "Safe Trade Referee Bell" (or something like this), and in the only thing in the message can be the link to the trade (to make everything as fast as possible). Congratulations for constantly updating this wonderful forum!!
  3. Celula

    Would you rather...

    powerade t shirt or shirt?
  4. hehehe Congratulations I only got it 1 time O.o hehehe
  5. So... it really works? well it worked for me. heheh Great!!!!!!!!!!! :blink: You should get one and try it=] No way, I'll just use urs!! hehehe
  6. So... it really works? well it worked for me. heheh Great!!!!!!!!!!! :blink:
  7. i have 85k are you interested? Hey!! This is rude!! This is my thread!! You should be ashamed :ranting: quite a bit Thanks Ink for ur support I'm just shocked!!
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