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  1. Since I am in the Knoxville area, this is my number one pick! David and Skyline chili...YUMMMMM. Hopefully I can talk the hubby into letting me splurge tomorrow when tix go on sale!! We have been waiting SOOOOO long for this....can't believe it's finally time! YAY!!!
  2. I thought so too....def not a genuine smile! First pic won't open up for me
  3. So, I have been waiting for this all week....got my kids quiet, sat down to watch and immediatley ppl start texting me..."Your man is on Idol"..."Are you watching?"..."Are you ready??" OMG people just leave me alone!!! So, I pretty much missed the whole thing!!! I could hear him...he sounded amazing!!! Now my computer is being a POS and keeps stopping and starting the video. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
  4. Angie, have you seen this thread?! http://wordnerds.omgforum.net/pictures-of-david-photos-and-video-tributes-f7/david-has-the-v-t4337.htm I haven't Mal, and now I'm scared too...but you KNOW I'm gonna look anyway!!! Haha!! I may not be able to work the rest of the night but I am gonna damn look at them LOL!
  5. OMG I got my book today....WOW. I have already looked through it like 4 times. IT is breathtaking. Amazing job everyone who had a part in it!!
  6. OK after seeing that full on pic that Piper posted...makes me wonder if he's got the "V" thing goin on yet...cuz that would put me totally over the edge. For real.
  7. ^^^^ So I'm still staring at that pic....and really...all I can see is the *shocker*. Just sayin.
  8. *whimper* OK, so I have a habit of taking pictures on my phone of the fabulous pictures I find here to use as wallpaper for my phone (hope that doesn't offend anyone...I NEVER post them anywhere else)...so, anyway, I took a pic of this, and the way my phone is, if it's not exactly centered, it doesn't work...so the only thing that showed up on my screen was the neck of the guitar...and his arm...and the two fingers....I can't bring myself to trade the pic now. GUH!!!!
  9. OK I'm only on page 4 and have only watched 2 videos so far...but I HAVE to say this...his ass looks AMAZING. Pretty sure during Barracuda, I paused the video and just stared at his ass. I just want to pinch it...or squeeze it...or bite it...and not necessarliy in that order. And the last 40 seconds of that video...OMG. If I was a dude, I wouldn't be able to stand up right now. Just sayin.
  10. Awww that's sad...I think all of the Word Nerds should opwn a copy of that book!! But I did laugh at that image in my head hahaha!!!
  11. I just put in my order...I am so STOKED!
  12. Thanks for that advice!! I actually thought the same thing today...I was looking at those pillowcases last night and thought..I could soooo do that myself. Yeah I was just a little excited looking at all that stuff last night but once I slept on it, I was def thinking twice about it.
  13. I'm kinda thinking about this one..... Bahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
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