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  1. Since I am in the Knoxville area, this is my number one pick! David and Skyline chili...YUMMMMM. Hopefully I can talk the hubby into letting me splurge tomorrow when tix go on sale!! We have been waiting SOOOOO long for this....can't believe it's finally time! YAY!!!
  2. I thought so too....def not a genuine smile! First pic won't open up for me
  3. So, I have been waiting for this all week....got my kids quiet, sat down to watch and immediatley ppl start texting me..."Your man is on Idol"..."Are you watching?"..."Are you ready??" OMG people just leave me alone!!! So, I pretty much missed the whole thing!!! I could hear him...he sounded amazing!!! Now my computer is being a POS and keeps stopping and starting the video. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
  4. Angie, have you seen this thread?! http://wordnerds.omgforum.net/pictures-of-david-photos-and-video-tributes-f7/david-has-the-v-t4337.htm I haven't Mal, and now I'm scared too...but you KNOW I'm gonna look anyway!!! Haha!! I may not be able to work the rest of the night but I am gonna damn look at them LOL!
  5. OMG I got my book today....WOW. I have already looked through it like 4 times. IT is breathtaking. Amazing job everyone who had a part in it!!
  6. OK after seeing that full on pic that Piper posted...makes me wonder if he's got the "V" thing goin on yet...cuz that would put me totally over the edge. For real.
  7. ^^^^ So I'm still staring at that pic....and really...all I can see is the *shocker*. Just sayin.
  8. *whimper* OK, so I have a habit of taking pictures on my phone of the fabulous pictures I find here to use as wallpaper for my phone (hope that doesn't offend anyone...I NEVER post them anywhere else)...so, anyway, I took a pic of this, and the way my phone is, if it's not exactly centered, it doesn't work...so the only thing that showed up on my screen was the neck of the guitar...and his arm...and the two fingers....I can't bring myself to trade the pic now. GUH!!!!
  9. OK I'm only on page 4 and have only watched 2 videos so far...but I HAVE to say this...his ass looks AMAZING. Pretty sure during Barracuda, I paused the video and just stared at his ass. I just want to pinch it...or squeeze it...or bite it...and not necessarliy in that order. And the last 40 seconds of that video...OMG. If I was a dude, I wouldn't be able to stand up right now. Just sayin.
  10. Awww that's sad...I think all of the Word Nerds should opwn a copy of that book!! But I did laugh at that image in my head hahaha!!!
  11. I just put in my order...I am so STOKED!
  12. Thanks for that advice!! I actually thought the same thing today...I was looking at those pillowcases last night and thought..I could soooo do that myself. Yeah I was just a little excited looking at all that stuff last night but once I slept on it, I was def thinking twice about it.
  13. I'm kinda thinking about this one..... Bahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
  14. OK, so I was on ebay looking around at all the DC related items....and came across this watch...didn't really care for the pic that was on it, so I emailed the seller and asked if it could be customized with a different pic. They said sure it could....now I just have to pic out the perfect picture to be on this watch. And OMG trying to narrow it down is killing me!!! So, how about it...you guys have any favorite pics that you think would look good on a watch? I'm really having a hard time with this one.
  15. Awww those were wonderful!! I cried during the first one...and couldn't stop smiling through the second one! Amazing!!
  16. OK, got my card and sent in my donation. Now just waiting for the puchase link...I'm so excited!
  17. Good idea!!! I should have thought of that...but my mind went numb when I saw the cover of the book LOL! I'm going to get my prepaid card tomorrow!! WOOT!
  18. Um pretty sure that's the *exact* same face I would be making...just sayin....
  19. Oh. My. Guh. Where has this thread and these pics been all my life?!?!?!?!?! Really I am getting off....work...in like 5 minutes and will be trying to go to sleep. Impossible now. Holy freakin hotness. The whole "Stare. Wall. Spent. After." scenario....yep, pictured myself in each and everyone of them. Really taking time with the "wall" and the "spent." My new favorite thread. I'm "spent" now after going through all these delicious pics.
  20. David, I don't know where to start....what an UH-MAZ-ING freaking year!!! I was fortunate enough to be able to go to 4 of your shows on the Declaration Tour. Each show holds a special memory for me. Knoxville was my first show...I stood in line from 9am until the show started at around 9pm. SO worth it....even with the stupid tornado warnings!! I had a special shirt made to wear and also a hat made for you. Well, I held onto it all through the show and my sister in law kept driving me crazy about trying to get it up to you on the stage!! There was one point that she had ALL the people around us screaming your name, and you were finally like, "WHAT?!?!" from the stage! For a brief second, you were actually talking to me from the stage while I held up the hat! I finally threw it up on the stage after the encore songs and while you were throwing out guitar picks....you picked it up and put it on immediately. Yes, I have the video. From Knoxville, me and my cousin drove to Memphis. This was her first ever David Cook experience. She was basically only going because I asked her to and because she thinks you're hot! Haha!! Well, she walked out of there a fan. We met some wonderful people while waiting in line that day. You went out for a run that morning and I looked and you were wearing the hat I gave you the night before. That freaking made my day. I think I sent out a mass text to everyone in my contact list about it. It was also the first time I heard "Hot for Teacher" live. Um...I had never wanted to be a teacher more in my life than I did in those few moments. I also made a sign that said "I gave you that hat last night". You acknowledged it from the stage, and again, for the second night in a row, you were talking to me from the stage. Yes, I have the video. (And it is also on YouTube!!) I was thisclose to meeting you after the show, but by the time I got to the barricade you were at the end of it and it was time for you to go. The next show I got to go to was the Athens show. I wasn't sure that it was going to happen, but you, being the AMAZING man you are played despite the loss you were experiencing. That was a show I will never forget. You opened with "Heroes" and it brought tears to my eyes...especially when you sang that you were right where you wanted be, and you pointed out over the crowd as you sang "with you and you alone". We all felt it. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. My last show on this *tewer* was when you came back to Knoxville for your 100th show. I wear my tshirt all the time...and PROUDLY! My cousin came with me again, and also my sister in law who was at the first Knoxville show, and I finally had convinced my mom to come to one with me. She was totally rocking out during Bar-Ba-Sol!!! I loved every second of it! She saw me in my element that night and we had a blast! So many memories...and each one with you in the very center of them. I had the privelege of meeting some new friends and I still keep in touch with them. Again, you are at the center of these friendships. I watched your audition video the other day, and I actually laughed out loud 'cuz Randy said that you need to work on your stage presense or persona or something like that. If he has been to ANY of your shows, I bet he is eating his words!! You absolutely put on the most incredible shows I have ever seen....and then add in the fact that you actually interact with your audience...there really aren't words enough to describe how I felt when I left each of these concerts. I cannot WAIT to see what you have in store for us in 2010. This will be YOUR year all the way...I know it with all my heart. You deserve everything great that is going to happen to you this year. I cannot wait for the new album...I know it is going to rock my socks. OK well this is long enough I guess...better give the other Nerds some space to write, too! When you come back to Knoxville, and decide you wanna do something fun, I have the hook-up to Dollywood. Just sayin. (Oh come on...you KNOW you have always wanted to go there!!) Hahahaha!! Until the next S&S (or "M" hehe), Angie aka davidhasmyheart
  21. Oh WOW. I need to NOT stay away from here for so long!!! The full frontal pic....dude. That was amazing. I really don't know what else to say after that.
  22. I just got a text from sis in law a few minutes ago...she was at our local grocery store and "Lie" was playing over the system! I couldn't believe it!! I def fangirled for a minute....if i had bee there I would probably have actually squealed/screamed! LOL! Just wanted to share!
  23. OMG see what i get for being away for so long?!?! I want one of these in the WORST way. I don't have a credit card though...are there any other optins for payment?
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