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  1. Hope it doesn't take THAT long, I'm really excited about this new record
  2. I share you my Vegas concert playlist. I took video from LMFFY, WG, K&T, IGLY, Led Zep, SG and LML. https://www.youtube.com/user/laaidis
  3. Hi there! Long time no see. This tour was amazing, and I thank life to had been able to go to 2 shows (SD and Las Vegas) Hoping to go to more!!
  4. Lol! Yes, I was there, Viv! On the video it was posted I was the one who yelled "Almost there, You can do it!" and lots of nonsense, HAHAHA. Was a GREAT day!!! And the concert...can't even .
  5. Damn I was like a banshee yelling to him. I was freakin' nervous!
  6. Teaser you, Dinna! Keep up . LOVING YOUR RECAP!
  7. This was the one that truly made me laugh histerically!
  8. Awww, that was a lovely gesture from David, hoping there was a Hulk-like to smash annoying security guards. hehehe. His smile at you in the 2nd picture! #tryingtonotstuckmymindintherabbitholetryingtonotstuckmymindintherabbitholetryingtonotstuckmymindintherabbithole*
  9. I'm truly happy that Dinna had the time of her life with all magic rainbows included. said by your rockstar Cupid, Dinna! LOL. And officially that FIM is the most touching performance I've ever listened.
  10. I'm impressed with that view from the audience. Asian love more than proved.
  11. What an AMAZING picture.
  12. Oh wow, I missed that news too. If it's so, best wishes for him and Jonna. And the guys need lots of rest, but will be a nice gesture if they were invited, to attend the wedding.
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