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  1. i like tehn shamrock one the most, but the top one looks good too
  2. mimozi

    Close please =)

    everything sent and both items recieved, rep added :dancing: By the way those were two of the items i thought i will never get, cus of the prices they used to have, but thanks to you Pipi is the happiest pet ever now
  3. mimozi

    Close please =)

    yup, sending 5 gmbs in a min (=
  4. mimozi

    Close please =)

    i've already sended you 2 x 999s for the pink jello and it will be a minute to by the boxes for the piggy, just let me know how many would you like thank you, you're such a sweetheart :*
  5. mimozi

    Close please =)

    sure =) are we friends? i'vee just added you = ) ok^^ sending you 2 x 999's for the jello, cus i dont have more, are 4-5 gmb alright for the piggy or you accept only 999s? :wub:
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