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  1. bump :$ 9 days left to vote... :$
  2. Thank you! Love the hello kitty sig!
  3. Thank you! Let me know if you need any items!
  4. Thank you guys! Remember, you can vote once a day!
  5. @Pedj, yeah quite busy. Do you guys want anything?
  6. no, sorry. when did that come out?!?! Thanks everyone!
  7. Do you guys want anything? I have many past items in RC/PS....
  8. Could you click vote for me please? You can vote once a day till the end of February. http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/75206/voteable_entries/14483169?ogn=facebook&ref=nf Thanks!! Please let me know if you need any item, I don't have many recent ones, but rather rares in both PS and RC. I can send them to you as I don't play anymore. link is approved by lea.
  9. i've got a vaio. kinda old already, and my parents didn't want me to get a really good one, since technology moves so quickly..so basically..a basic one kinda. i've got the ns140d. probably going to get a new one at the end of the year if prices aren't bad for ones with i7 chips.
  10. Favourite and most hated subject from past education?
  11. Mangoberri

    Happy Tuesday!

    Hello! Really busy here, lots of homework piled up & entered into a contest.
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