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  1. thanks for the trade have added Rep points now :-)
  2. 1x4999 would be cool, i have sent you the fox now :-)
  3. hello sorry for not replying sooner, i dont need either now my friend ended up sending them to me, would an admin be able to close this now thanks
  4. not sure how much to swap for but they are the only two i haven't been able to find in any of the boxes and would like to trade for them
  5. i love the little mermaid so these items are awesome need to save my coins up now!!
  6. yay i love this weeks items, hopefuly we get fish next week
  7. the mystery eggs are awesome and big as well, i got most of them except the bed and the door
  8. yay i love te doll, im guessing the panda mask is going to be a MB item
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