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  1. Oh, I forgot this I would like to nominate myself for a Safe Traders Badge: PSFC Forum Name: Aurey Facebook Name: Aurey Mevil Pets Name: Ian Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1278194082 Trade Link 1: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/looking-for-f11/looking-for-a-lot-of-things-t8731-30.htm#259067 Person I Traded With: Riuna Trade Link 2: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/looking-for-f11/looking-for-jasmine-flower-decor-t8807.htm#259066 Person I Traded With: error Trade Link 3: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/looking-for-f11/wtb-some-valentine-items-t8605.htm Person I Traded With: Danae29 Trade Link 4: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/looking-for-f11/pleas-sell-me-items-from-my-listi-need-it-sooo-much-t8632-10.htm#247318 Person I Traded With: Pedj@ 94 Dixy Trade Link 5: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/looking-for-f11/looking-for-some-foodsclosed-t7496.htm#210181 Person I Traded With: Alice Chang Trade Link 6: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/looking-for-f11/looking-for-gold-bath-robe-and-gold-eye-trimmed-blue-bell-dress-and-dafidol-dress-t5644.htm#153247 Person I Traded With: nani_s Trade Link 7: http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/looking-for-f11/i-need-cc-s-for-the-ice-sculpture-t6567.htm#183904 Person I Traded WIth: dawnbrans
  2. Aurey

    Please Close :3

    All received, thank you! ^_^
  3. all received, and sent u 24*999s , thank you ^^ (Rep added) All received, thank you!! ^^ Rep added
  4. I didn't remember I still have some more I sent you 6 Jasmine Decors :]
  5. Aurey

    Please Close :3

    2 rugs, 2 chandeliers and 2x 999 sent ^_^
  6. Aurey

    Please Close :3

    So you mean 9x999 for 2 rugs, and 9x999 for 2 chandeliers?? i'm lacking 999s, so is it okay if i give you 4x4999 for the rugs and chandelier and give me 2x999 for change? :3 if we trade that is XD The dragon boat i'm still thinking about getting it, cause it depends if i even have space in the room i want it in. i'm still looking for the oriental long bench XD Sure ^^
  7. I still need 1x [BMB] Heart Pouch 1x [GMB] Cute Tiger Plushie
  8. Aurey

    Please Close :3

    Dragon Boat Bench (may get 1 more) 2x4999 Lucky Rugs (maybe 2. depends on price) I have 2 for 1x 4999 and 4x 999 Gold Royal Chandelier (around 2...) I have 2 for 1x 4999 and 4x 999 ^^
  9. I have -mother day gift card -father day mug 1x 4999 for both? :happy:
  10. Thank you! I'll send you f/r ^^ Thank you, it's a pity that I only need 2 cushion
  11. Is 3x 999 ok hun? You're so sweet! I'll send you a gift as my thanks Yes I have, I'll send you f/r
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