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  1. A high of 88, sunny to partly cloudy.
  2. LuvPaws

    Checking In

    Hello there Tomcat and everyone...long time no see! I hope life has been treating everyone and their furbabies extra good! My Abby and I are doing fine and it won't be long 'til our Desert tortoise will be coming out of hibernation.
  3. Aww, how cute the baby is! I'm very partial to owls being the little night owl that I am.
  4. I agree! My brother had a cute hamster once.
  5. Dogs do tend to sleep a lot.
  6. I never have but know a couple of people that do and they just love them. I used to have pet parakeets growing up that I enjoyed.
  7. They're both sleeping side by side and as cute as ever!
  8. LuvPaws

    Checking In

    Checkin' in for Saturday!
  9. It's finally cooling down and we even had rain...yay!
  10. They're still sleeping and the baby is growing fast!
  11. 84 degrees for the high and sunny!
  12. LuvPaws

    Checking In

    Just me peekin' in and wishing y'all a very...
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