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  1. Windwalker

    Checking In

    Awww Tomcat, Monday is for starting a new week to go wrong, you should be terrified not blue.
  2. Conditions at the Depot Forum Weather Station Current Date and Time is----- 11/12/15 at 09:20 AM. Current Temperature is------- 62.4°F at 09:20 AM. Current Humidity is------------ 69 percent. The Maximum Temp today --- 64.2°F at 6:34 AM The Low Temp for today----- 57.7°F at 12:01 AM The Current Windchill-----62.4°F at 12:01 AM. The Maximum Windchill-----64.2 °F at 6:34 AM. Wind speed is currently------ 5.4 mph from the NW With a Maximum Gust of----- 13.0 mph at 2:34 AM. Currently Depot Forum Office-- 77.0 F Today's Rain ------------------ 0.012 in. Hours of Daylight possible---- 10:34:00 Approx. Cloud Height:--------- 2741 feet. Uptime this period------------ 0 Days 16 Hours 17 Minutes 52 Seconds
  3. Give out treats to the kids.
  4. Cloudy and 63 this morning
  5. Windwalker

    Checking In

    Checking in this fine morning.
  6. 45F and clear this morning
  7. Windwalker

    Checking In

    Nothing like a barking Dog to awaken you at 2am. I could not run the thing off, it just sat in the road and barked.
  8. Nice and cool this morning.
  9. 64F and clear this morning
  10. Same here, will be our first year here to see how many if any come by.
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