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  1. Thank you Tomcat, Lucy and Jupiter, it's lovely to be here and I look forward to hearing all about your cats too.
  2. Our Cats sleep in the kitchen which is warm overnight and they each have their very own beds. Bert however belonged to a neighbour of ours and as a young cat just under a year old, wandered off one day and was missing for 3 weeks. My neighbour (who has 2 kids) asked me if I would take him if he returned and I said yes, he did come back extremely thin but otherwise okay and after a visit to the vet to see he was okay, she brought him to me and we took him to our bed at night so he would get peace with no other cat annoying him. That was 9 years ago.....Bert still sleeps in our bed with us.
  3. We currently have five cats, Bert, Ernie, Dinky, Dusty and Minstral. Last January 2015 I lost my beautiful girl Sabbi and the year before that Trigger and Gizmo. They all play at Rainbow Bridge now. Still I miss my girls. My five boys and girls are all house cats and always have been.
  4. Hi, I am Sabbi and have two Masters and three Mistresses, they are Bert and Ernie, and Dinky, Dusty and Minstral. I have to say they are a pleasure to serve and I love them dearly, we are all pleased to be here.
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