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  1. On 7/22/2020 at 4:36 PM, pianogirlone2 said:

    Even @autumngreen40 got bullied by a user on episode forum called forever1201.

    they even deleted her story she had on episode app. 

    Here the picture of episode forum and shanniiwrite forum. Both forum are badly placed. 

    the can’t seem to control the bullying.  This person has issues 




    Well I can say this everyone should take all the post that are bullied and turn them over to proper authorities as you never know whats in the mind of the person cause so many issues. You never want to read later down the road something happened to the person{s} that they were bullying etc
    Its good that you shed light on this and bring attention to it as much as possible so that people are aware


  2. By reporting it and staying on top of it and making the point clear is always best and hopes that

    @pianogirlone2 thank you for your part and doing the right thing by reporting, asking for help

    and at times leaving the areas for those that are not that respectful especially BULLYING I am strongly behind that
    as I was bulled throughout my life not as much anymore 

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  3. I notice that scroll options ever where had a bug , me I cleared my history, did small reset, waited a few days and bam scroll working again,, then again I only use chrome. More bugs have happened thus far from phones to computers, I looked in the community boards and found that everyone had some sort of issues every where.

    Thank you Clubber for taking a look at the scroll options in the left side ...


  4. I am noticing no scroll bars on many sites , must be some bug out there or the person who codes the pages forget to add the scroll option 

    Also took note the my mouse seem to loss it scroll capability there has to be a known bug out there, or it could be the apps and extensions in place as well ,, so starting from simple to complex I will come to see what the issue is 

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