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  1. Thaaanks sooo much you guys!!!
  2. Awwww! Thaaank youu soo much hun! Add me up on FB! I'll send you a gift
  3. Hey everyone! I currently joined this contest here in my country. It's a contest where I can win a photoshoot by a celebrity photographer named Niccolo Cosme. In order to win, I need to have the MOST LIKES in my photo. Currently, a guy is 100 likes ahead of me! I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out. Simply by Liking 2 links. FIrst: http://www.facebook.com/cosmeniccolo - The fan page Second: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150185280270842&set=a.10150185279580842.322612.54854525841&type=1&ref=nf - My entry I would really appreciate it and maybe if you want something in return on PS, check out my house or my store. I have tons for you guys
  4. Hi Raizuh, I just came back, you got 4 hats right, but an angel just drop Hat 1 & Hat 2 to my house, so I will buy Hat 3 & Hat 4 from you, is it ok? Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Okie hun! No prob! Send them payment, and ill send them hats
  5. Oops! Got confused, the pumpkin dress is 5x999s
  6. Can you give me a good offer? Those are some 2009-2010 stuff, I think.
  7. No problem hun! Sending back the b&w hat.
  8. I would charge a 999 item for it. but maybe we could trade either your Cute Pink Spider Plushie or 2 InStore items ghostly plushie and a painting in a canvass. Hope that's ok.
  9. I got the 3 items you send and I sent you my 2 in return - thanks for the trade! I'll add rep for your safe trade. Sorry I misunderstood the price of the food. 2x999 for all 3 food sounds good to me : I'll send you payment now. I can trade you my clown doll for 1xChamrock Chair -or- 1xCherry Syrup + 1xTriffle Let me know what you prefer I sent you the shamrock chair and 3 foood items!
  10. Add me up hun, maybe I can take a look at your place? ;D
  11. marching dress = 6x999 pumpkin cookie = 2x999 but if you buy both, just 7x999s sorry, I know the golden marching dress would go for like 1x5999s in the forums.
  12. Okie hun. I will try my best. But if someone offers me one of the hats I need, (which will be rare, lol) I cant say no. But I think there's no prob with reserving those hats for you.
  13. I have 1 extra 8th hat... I have already completed the hats.. so I might want to sell it for 2*999... will it be fine? yes please! ill send them to you now
  14. Yes please! Ill send them now Although what I meant was 2x999 for all 3 food already. Could I please offer you anything else for you clown doll?
  15. I think you are mistaken. Oops! Oh yeah! Wrong thread!!
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