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  1. Deserts - Atacama, Gobi, Sahara, Outback, Kalahari Savannas - Cerrado, African Savannah, Victoria Plains tropical savanna Fossil Beds - Araripe, Kem Kem, Hell Creek, Camadas de Alcobaça, Wessex, Yixian, Morisson, Rio Colorado , Baharija
  2. Thank you a lot for the world filter!
  3. Really love the Tall Kangaroo Paw, amazing work!
  4. Amazing work with the wolves! Can you make more packs with combined files like that?
  5. Love the t-rex and the wolves. Keep up with the amazing updates!
  6. I can't wait for the Machairadus!
  7. Just finisehd testing the last animal and they all look great ingame! Thank you a lot!
  8. Just tested ingame and it is perfect! The only bug I found is with the male icon (is a white square)
  9. The pack is amazing! The only bug I've found is with the St. Bathen's Mammal. It is sometimes transparent around the neck and whiskers. But incredible work with them all!
  10. Really like it! Both are great additions for the game!
  11. Amazing work so far! Hope to see more soon
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